Beyonce World Tour Footage to Air Before 'True Blood' Episodes

Sara Haines reports the latest news for Pop News Heat Index.
3:48 | 06/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beyonce World Tour Footage to Air Before 'True Blood' Episodes
A wild morning. He's doing his own version of -- Something like that. It's time for Sara Haines, lady and gentlemen. T minus three stories for peanut. Beyonce is going back to HBO. They'll show segments from her world tour. She starts a new tour next week with hubby, jay Z. It will be amazing. And major case of girl power at Hillary Clinton's latest book signing. Look who stopped by before the book signing. Yes, that's Katy Perry. She was excited enough to shire this instagram photo. I told Hillary Clinton I would write her a theme song if she needs it. But I thing roar will do. She may throw her hat in the ring. At that point, I would run. Tonight is the big premier of ABC's "Rising star." The audience has the final say on who advances in realtime by voting on an app. A concept dramatically different from what we have seen so far in other shows. Check it out. What makes rising star? A game changer? This. Only you can raise the wall to create a star. The faces of the voters appear on a giant wall. Maybe your face is one of them. The first, live, interactive music competition where you can make or break dreams in an instant. Instant results. Instant fame. We're not the judges. You are. Now, I downloaded the app. You can see it here. Make sure you do, too. That's the only way to vote. You can see yourself and your vote on TV. Once again, tonight, at 9:00, 8:00 central. Now it's time for our big moment. A brand-new celebrity right here in our studio. Meet peanut. The newly crowned world's ugliest dog. The 2-year-old is a mutt. Like an ice cream cone. Why have one flavor when you can have more. His owner, holly, says she hopes the win will raise awareness about animal abuse. Peanut was abused as a pup. It's a great, great thing that holly is doing. She won $1500 when peanut took home the world's ugliest dog prize. She's using that money to help treat other animals that have been abused. She has other dogs at home. She knew this little guy needed her. He just woke up. He fell asleep here. He said, he's got a little shirt on that says I don't bite. And with the look on his face, one of the sweetest little dogs. We asked the viewers to show us pictures of dogs with unique faces. Eri eri Ericka sent us Archie. Jessica sent us bronx. Tracy tent us 17-year-old izzybella. And lonica says grizzly watches "Gma" every morning with her. We love all of you. So cute, peanut. Peanut is very sweet. And everyone cuter in person. Right? He's shaking a little bit. It's cold in here. I'm scary. He had a long flight from California. He put up with us all terrifically. He's sending a great message.

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{"id":24251672,"title":"Beyonce World Tour Footage to Air Before 'True Blood' Episodes","duration":"3:48","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest news for Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-world-tour-footage-air-true-blood-episodes-24251672","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}