Christmas Cooking With Emeril Lagasse

Lagasse shares recipes for fast appetizers and desserts perfect for holiday entertaining.
4:41 | 12/25/15

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Transcript for Christmas Cooking With Emeril Lagasse
We're heading off virtue and Roland got seed because of course will now. Great appetizer. All right I. You come over here you need is 31. How many how many times have you guys like you had people drop in and just like oh my god woman who am I gonna do right get a box of post peachtree in the freezer. That's a good start you always have some knots and shot in the pantry Barack Obama to Sherri what we're gonna do them. A self. What we're gonna do is take the pulse they see if it's in the freezer. The frost that if you can register as a little corner and I'm usually not cookie cutter you know Lou most intentional catch and then we just kind of shake. Blue crush just like did she do not have to make home a cross and he loved that just like that no right now if you wish those eggs Robbin Wednesday. Earlier what I did is ideal shorty some leaks and what I wanted to do was have a little would conclude. And in a moment the weeks and cook down and cool but they have a goal look at mr. Wheldon. Derek yeah Charles get it if you don't have league she could issues onion. The net and most of the time you always have bacon and refrigerator yeah. Right. All right so how do. He created that yes a little cheese adding that her daughter on the John and a great little cheddar cheese in the little fresh grated Nutmeg just a little bit. Intentional improper grade I mixed up young depending and a dollar each ship novel so what happens. 350 degrees nice you take the filling. Just like this and you gonna just put it right and you little talk like that on. How long they asked chili cook about 45 minutes in the oven you've got walks and they get nice and golden brown his one regular. Officials did this that Obama and arrogant. I think yes I am ready for the spicy macadamia nuts walnuts peanuts and Almon check very very simple. What happens is this shouldn't take a little salt one egg White House tax and would skipped past. So that it's nice and and then we'll put this right here we'll get us. It's good. Little rest that's if. Probably do. It would take sugar. Stop one half fault. A little essence stuff that you haven't forgotten what I don't know that I had to know what advice whites. Yet these are okay all right guys look at this and I'll be dissolved is again watched it much but whenever we fought. 250 degrees could you don't want to hide pass happy concede just like this Greg. Ramallah baking sheet like that 150 degrees tank I get nice and we'll be just that they prescriptive it's amazing article that I did not shut Donnie great god again it comes puff pastry. And actually have to sheets what they don't feel right you can. Then what I did is like what's that I'm over here yet brush it was egg wash okay. That's what's gonna make the cheeses slinking his team that will make an SE. Yup and the holidays right most of them what we do lose after we get that. We're gonna take. She's and that's Chad Amazon crash on right. Lunatic could share her now if you wanna get really fancied could make some sort of pass the wherever that I have here. I just like the cheese sticks regionals and India and it went and basically want sets did and what about what happens is that we caught it. And as big as you want to listed as you want to. And in a whole key here ginger is this not only pushed them. We pushed them just like this have on a baking sheet. Big big block bulk 350 degrees for about twenty minutes straight you'll see a mile to get nice and crispy like this. What knowledge does your time Robert. Coconut cake unknown also we do that seven minute break such over the Illinois yes sir beautiful. People like. My favorite now. White chocolate bread putting all the yes. Quite short today recording you can get as crazy as you want. Com and I'll only gonna get crazy here yes you're gonna get crazy right now you watch say the baby's gonna get. Let's hear us up I want out of straight nothing and a roommate card that was funded. You could buy an all and in Abbott says there's always a ridiculous about it really him. Not when bodies isn't that looks on our website right now and these comments. Yes incredible is that good about brought Israel should be on the website yes it is and I need it I mean based camera and yeah. I believe we all need to make this day to day is not just found I must say on your website Good Morning America that come on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Lagasse shares recipes for fast appetizers and desserts perfect for holiday entertaining.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35950656","title":"Christmas Cooking With Emeril Lagasse","url":"/GMA/video/christmas-cooking-emeril-lagasse-35950656"}