2013 Emmy Nominations Make History

Aaron Paul and Neil Patrick Harris anounce the nominations for the 2013 primetime emmy awards.
7:09 | 07/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2013 Emmy Nominations Make History
It's time to hear the 2013. Primetime Emmy nominations Kate Mara and Aaron Paul are going to be giving us the entire rundown this morning. Live at the Leonard H Goldenson theatre in Hollywood. Arts and sciences. Welcome to the 63 primetime Emmy Awards. Nominations. Announced man. Good morning. I'm Bruce Rosenblum chairman and CEO of the academy of television arts and sciences. Welcome to the 65 primetime Emmy Awards nominations. Announcement. Today is the start of our favorite time of the year ME season. With this morning's announcement we begin our primary role of honoring creative excellence. This past television season clearly reflects the extraordinary creative vision within our television industry. The quality of our storytelling has never been better and more people are watching more television than ever before. Television -- -- -- and is now experienced on mobile devices on tablets and on flat screens in the home. And television is on broadcast. On cable and on demand over the Internet. This is truly an exciting time for us to be honoring the best of television. Now to get ME season started. It's my pleasure to introduce one of the stars of AMC's hit series. Breaking bad two time Emmy award winner Aaron Paul. And filling in for Kate this morning three time Emmy award winner and host of this year's primetime Emmy Awards. Neil Patrick Harris. Aaron -- thank you so much for being here this morning the stage is now yours. You. Thank you Bruce this is very exciting is -- it's fun to be hosting the TV show that announces nominees for TV show awards for a TV -- show on TV. -- special thanks to K -- for getting out of the house before my children wake up screaming and crying. I actually appreciate that but let's begin. Our first category is that lead actor in a drama series and the nominees are. Hugh Bonneville Downton Abbey. Bryan Cranston breaking bad and -- think Jeff Daniels the newsroom. Jon Hamm mad men -- Damione Lewis homeland. And Kevin Spacey house of cards. The nominees for lead actress in a drama series are. Connie Britton Nashville. Claire Danes homeland. Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey. -- -- -- -- -- -- Elisabeth Moss mad men. -- Washington scandal. And Robin -- house of cards. The nominees for lead actor in a miniseries or movie are. But it comer batch parades and Matt Damon behind the candelabra. Michael Douglas behind the candelabra. Toby Jones the girl. And Alpa chino Phil Spector. -- nominees for lead actress in a miniseries or a movie are. Jessica Lange American horror story asylum. Laura Linney the big seat -- after. Helen Mirren Phil Spector. Elizabeth -- on top of the lake. And Sigourney Weaver political animals. The nominees for outstanding host for reality or reality competition program are. Tom Bergeron Dancing With The Stars. Anthony board -- to taste. Kate Cat Deeley So You Think You Can Dance. Heidi -- and Tim -- Project Runway. Ryan Seacrest American Idol. And Betty White Betty white's off their rockers. Betty White -- I -- finally. The nominees for lead actor in a comedy series are. Alec Baldwin 30 Rock. Jason Bateman arrested developments. Louie CK. Louie. Don Cheadle house of lies. Matt LeBlanc episodes. And Jim Parsons the Big Bang theory. The nominees for lead actress in a comedy series are. Laura Dern and lights and Lena Dunham -- girls. Edie Falco nurse Jackie. Tina Fey 30 Rock. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The and Amy Poehler parks and restoration. Here this year's nominees for reality competition program. The Amazing Race. Shock. Dancing With The Stars. Project Runway. So You Think You Can Dance. Top chef. And the voice. The nominees for a variety series are. The col -- reports. The daily show with Jon Stewart. Jimmy Kimmel Live. Late night with Jimmy -- Real time -- with Bill Maher. And Saturday Night -- For outstanding miniseries or movie the nominees are. American horror story asylum. Behind the candelabra. The Bible. Phil Spector. Political animals. And top of the lake. The nominations in the comedy series category are. At 30 Rock. The Big Bang theory. Girls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- let's bring Bruce back to help announce the final category -- dog. The nominations. In the drama series category are. Breaking bad. Doubt now -- Game -- thrown us. Homeland. House of cards. And mad men. Aaron. I'm excited to announce that you been nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series of -- -- And -- congratulations as you've been nominated as producer host of the 66 annual Tony award race. There's a complete list of all of the Emmy nominees on our website -- Emmys dot com. On Sunday September 22 tune into CBS for the live telecast of the 65 primetime Emmys and find out who's going to take home the gold this year.

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{"id":19701760,"title":"2013 Emmy Nominations Make History","duration":"7:09","description":"Aaron Paul and Neil Patrick Harris anounce the nominations for the 2013 primetime emmy awards.","url":"/GMA/video/emmy-nominations-2013-2013-emmy-nominations-make-history-19701760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}