Flight Attendant Investigated for Activating Emergency Slide

United Airlines says the flight attendant intentionally deployed the emergency slide upon landing in Houston.
2:18 | 04/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flight Attendant Investigated for Activating Emergency Slide
First we begin with that surprising scene unfolding on an airplane in Houston. A flight attendant under investigation after united airlines says she intentionally activated the emergency slide. ABC's David Kerley has the very latest from Reagan national airport. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning. That flight attendant is grounded this morning and imagine the surprise faces of those passengers inside the terminal with the scene that they saw. It's something you rarely see. A jetliner's evacuation slide being inflated in front of you. This obtained by our Houston station KPRC. Watch again. This was no mistake and this morning united airlines is trying to figure out why one of its flight attendants into intentionally deployed it after landing in Houston. Flowing a bag out the door and jumping down the chute for a quick exit. United telling ABC they have removed the flight attendant from her flying duties, calling her behavior unsafe. Saying "We hold all of our employees to the highest standard" and that her behavior "Does not represent the more than 20,000 flight attendants who ensure the safety of our customers." The president of the association of flight attendants telling ABC news "The crew members remaining on the plane immediately went to work to protect passengers and ensure everyone deplane the aircraft without incident" passengers on the flight say they didn't even realize what was happening because someone else on board was having a medical emergency at the same time. I was on the flight and I only found out about the emergency slide being deployed afterwards on the news and I was like, wait a second, I was on that plane a didn't even realize. Reporter: This isn't the first time a flight attendant has exited a parked plane with flair. Remember Steven slater's infamous take this job and shove it meltdown. The former jetblue employee frustrated with I passenger grabs two beers before activating the chute and sliding his way to freedom. I was absolutely done at that moment. Reporter: He served a year of probation on a misdemeanor charge and paid retribution to jetblue. Slides deploy in seconds and the high pressure with which they hit the pavement can injury the crew on the ground. Now, united airlines says that that plane has been inspected but, George and Amy, replacing one of those slides is kind of expensive. All right. I bet she'll have to pay. I'm sure she will, David.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"United Airlines says the flight attendant intentionally deployed the emergency slide upon landing in Houston.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38158752","title":"Flight Attendant Investigated for Activating Emergency Slide","url":"/GMA/video/flight-attendant-investigated-activating-emergency-slide-38158752"}