Flight attendant under investigation for altercation with passenger

Witnesses report seeing an American Airlines flight attendant forcefully remove a passenger's stroller, knocking the passenger in the head and nearly striking one of her children.
4:22 | 04/24/17

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Transcript for Flight attendant under investigation for altercation with passenger
Now to that new fallout over another plane incidencident involving an American airlines flight attendant. It started with a disagreement over a stroller and ended with that flight attendant under investigation. ABC's David Kerley has the details for us. Good morning, David. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The flight attendant's union is wondering whether the passenger who inserted himself into that disagreement should be investigated as well and say this is a sign of rising tensions in packed planes. You can't use violence with a baby. Just give me back my stroller, please. Reporter: This latest confrontation raising more questions about airline customer service. The mother boarding in San Francisco Friday with young children and a double wide stroller. She wasn't letting go of the stroller. She grabbed the stroller and maybe a little bit of the flight attendant's shirt. Reporter: Passengers say the flight attendant then forcefully removed that stroller, knocking the mother in the head and nearly striking one of her children. Was very upset, grabbed it and pulled it up, violently yanked it and stormed off the plane with it. Reporter: A distraught mother and another passenger jumping in. Hey bud, hey bud, you do that to me and I'll knock you flat. You stay out of this. Come on, try it, try it. Try it. Hit me, come on. You get the hell off of me. Reporter: American afrls immediately removed that crew member from duty and apologized, putting the mother on another flight, upgrading her to first class with a $1,000 voucher and full refund. While the male passenger was making no apologies. A baby got hurt and that fired me up. Reporter: They're saying his threatening actions. He was directly threatened by another passenger who didn't have all the information. Oh, my god! Reporter: All this coming just days after a passenger was dragged off a united airlines flight. Two examples of how the flying experience is changing for some. These days, planes are jam packed and nerves are frayed among the passengers. Reporter: These were two incidents with united and American. Undoubtedly, robin, they'll be talking about what happened on this flight as well. Undoubtedly, we're going to talk to Dan Abrams. So, the flight attendant facing a any charges? Unlikely. I think you literally would have had an assault. You do hear certain citizens and the person who stepped in claiming that the flight attendant literally hit her with the stroller but I can't believe anyone is going to claim he was intentionally trying to hit her as opposed to reckless or neglect. Everybody is still talking about the incident on united airlines but do the two have anything to do with each other? Without the united case, this would just be considered a case are look at this crazy video that happened. Right now we're highly attuned to what happens on airlines so we're focusing on it. It's not just a P.R. Media issue. It does translate into legal which means that more people may end up taking legal action than might have ordinarily been the case because there's so much focus on the issue. From a P.R. Standpoint though American airlines gets a big affidavits. -- A. The question is going to be what did the flight attendant say. My guess is the flight attendant is going to say something like I was simply trying to remove the stroller as required by the FAA standards and this guy steps in and starts going after me. Now, whether that's true or not, that's my guess as to what the flight attendant's position is going to be. I think we really may see some sort of civil action here, either from the passenger who stepped in or from the woman who had the stroller taken or maybe even from the flight attendant himself. You never know what could happen. But again, because so many people are focusing on this stuff, it does tend to lead to more legal allegations. I have to agree. I was flying this weekend, west coast, and you can feel a difference. A little more tense but everything was fine. Thanks. Coming up in two minutes, as president trump hits his first

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{"id":46979045,"title":"Flight attendant under investigation for altercation with passenger","duration":"4:22","description":"Witnesses report seeing an American Airlines flight attendant forcefully remove a passenger's stroller, knocking the passenger in the head and nearly striking one of her children. ","url":"/GMA/video/flight-attendant-investigation-altercation-passenger-46979045","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}