Harley Pasternak shares his top tips for getting your best backside

The celebrity personal trainer shares exercises you can do at home to get your bottom in better shape.
4:27 | 07/10/17

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Transcript for Harley Pasternak shares his top tips for getting your best backside
Over to you. Time to kick off our full body fit series. Focusing on a part of the body inspired dozens of songs in workouts. Booty. Here's auick look at the science behind toning it. Megahit music videos venerate them. ??? Work ??? Reporter: Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea rocking the best of the bottoms. And fergie doing the same with her derriere. ??? My body ??? Reporter: But what's the science behind the better backside? Everybody wants a high round butt and that really means all three of the butt muscles, the gluteus maximus, men news and to create all three will make it work bet ever. Reporter: In fact a scientific review of studies on the matter found this exercise, the forward step up to be the most effective way to maximize your gluteus maximus. When you do a forward step up you bring your foot up on a table or a block and you push up in the air. This activates all three of the butt muscles and over time you can train them to be bigger, stronger and work more effectively for you. And great to have celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak here with us this morning and show us moves we can do at home. You have taped some pretty high heaval level -- Booties. Superstars. Jessica Simpson, Halle berry in my wife. Your wife, exactly. Okay, so what's your best advice for someone trying to transform their derriere? I mean number one is no matter what exercise we do today you got to still walk. You got to hit your step goal and eat properly and sleep, but on top of that these are some great butt sculptors. Okay. You'll show us four simple moves. No dumbbells. Very little -- no equipment needed. The first one over here is a step up. Now, you can use a picnic bench. You can use a fliaht of stairs. Look how sim headline is. They're driving up through their heel. They have one foot up there. Simple to watch and as you become stronger, use a higher step. How many of those do you do. About 20,000. No, I would start off at sets of 10, build up repwise and height and you can hold dumbbells eventually. Simple movement. Can you do like three sets of ten? Start off one set of ten. If you have no injury, build it up to two set, tee sets. When you get to five sets it's time to up your reps. All right. Then behind us. This is a hip thrust. This is -- here's a simple baseball one lying on the floor and notice she has fists on her hips with her thumbs up and when she looks up her thumb and her knee should be lined up that's how you know how high you're going and right over here we have a bridge or a hip thrust elevated hip thrust. Is that harder? This one is a little more when your upper body is elevated doing a great job of driving up through her heels. Chin tucked in. Looking forward. Great, great butt mover. You can use the couch for that. I knew it would come in handy. Couch, bed, dining room table, reverse lunges. Knew we would do some whether it be a walk lunge down Broadway, a reverse lunge, a skater lunge, curtsy lunge, all great simple movements stepping back and notice I'm having them actually grab the leg they're using, their hand is grabbing the butt underneath so they know which side to drive up from and they're putting all their weight on their front heel. Great movement good job. What about the Superman. Looks like a superwoman hybrid. I call this the dolphin extension, lying on a bench, grab -- something solid underneath and she's just contracting her lower back and butt because they work together, great for posture and sculpts and tones the half of the butt. How many times a week should you be doing these exercises. Two to three times a week in combination with training the rest of your body, so making sure there's balance with your hamstring, quad, core, all the other muscles in your body but great movements to sprinkle it. I would pick two of them maybe each time you do it two to three times a week, two to three sets. You suggest cardio because that's a big part. I don't even talk about cardio anymore. I think about step, right. I think you've got to be doing at least 150,000 steps a day. I get my clients at least 14,000 steps a day. You got to get enough sleep, eat well and you got to have a really great workout outfit. That's so important. Oh, my gosh. I'm a shopper for that stuff so it's good. Thank you very much. Harley, for being here and

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{"id":48537144,"title":"Harley Pasternak shares his top tips for getting your best backside ","duration":"4:27","description":"The celebrity personal trainer shares exercises you can do at home to get your bottom in better shape. ","url":"/GMA/video/harley-pasternak-shares-top-tips-best-backside-48537144","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}