Jimmie Johnson on Daytona 500 Win, Crash

Two-time Daytona 500 winner chats about his big victory and Danica Patrick's historic finish.
2:35 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Jimmie Johnson on Daytona 500 Win, Crash
Many, many times over. What a day it was sunday at daytona. The great american race, won by a man who has won it before. And has done a whole lot of winning in a singular career. Five-time cup series champion, jimmie johnson, taking his second daytona sunday, in a race we also saw danica patrick to become the first woman to lead and best-ever finish by a woman. Joining us now, fresh off a car wash in my old home, bristol, connecticut, and espn, jimmie johnson. You brought along. That is the trophy. This is a heavy trophy. You see the video. That's not easy to lift. Thankfully you're not doing the carrying. What a race. I watched yesterday on espn. You say, it's still your -- the first win of your career, still the most important. But when you win this thing, even having done it before, and all the wins you've had, and a hall of fame career, what's that like when you take the checkers? Honestly, the emotions are overwhelming. The best way to describe it, it's the only race that feels like a championship. Nascar owns me for the next two or three days. Yesterday was a full day, and today and on. And they take you around the country, talking about the great american race. It has that championship feel to it. A career-defining race for driver, team, crew chief, everybody involved. It's a big deal. The ultimate comparison, the super bowl of racing. Or super bowl, the daytona of the nfl. And your car, now, the car you win with, is the car you won't drive again this year. It is now in the museum there. They put that in the museum. 7:00 a.M. Yesterday morning. I had all of our crew guys there. We rolled the car in. It will sit there until just before the start of next year's daytona 500. Check it out. You're somebody who won five-consecutive cup series titles. Never been done before in this sport. You have been as big a star as we've seen. And yet, in your sport right now, it feels like danica patrick is experiencing a spotlight that maybe we've never seen before. How do you think she's handling the intense scrutiny of this moment? She's doing a great job. I think she showed her comfort in the race on sunday. Raced for the lead. Led laps. Finished very well. That package of racing, that rules package that's involved, it's evident she's comfortable. As we move into the season, she has challenges of learning different racetracks and the different style of racing as we move forward. She's done an amazing job. No one on track sunday was thinking, that's danica. That's a car racing for the win. And she's done on amazing job. It was a great race. All of the oscar preshow places had the race on. One of sports' truly great gentlemen. Congratulations to you and everybody involved. Indeed. Coming up here, michelle

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{"id":18597554,"title":"Jimmie Johnson on Daytona 500 Win, Crash","duration":"2:35","description":"Two-time Daytona 500 winner chats about his big victory and Danica Patrick's historic finish.","url":"/GMA/video/jimmie-johnson-interview-daytona-500-win-crash-danica-18597554","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}