Kelly Rutherford Speaks Out About Her Heartbreaking International Custody Battle

6:34 | 08/14/15

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Transcript for Kelly Rutherford Speaks Out About Her Heartbreaking International Custody Battle
Time now for the heat index. This morning's hot button, a gma exclusive with actress Kelly ru Rutherford, the star losing her latest battle to keep her children with her in the united States. Instead the judge sending them overseas to their father even though the children are American citizens. But first, a look at Kelly's case. Reporter: Actress Kelly Rutherford living a mother's nightmare, as the agonizing six-year international custody battle for her two children rages on. Tuesday, the judge ordered the star to send her kids back to their father in Monaco after Rutherford failed to return them last week as part of the couple's custody battle. The couple originally agreed to share custody after their divorce, until the german-born giersch's Visa was revoked. The judge ruling that the kids live in Monaco with him. Allowing Rutherford to have Summers with her children. She's tried to bring back to the U.S. Legally for years. And Kelly Rutherford joins us exclusively live here with the story. And her attorney Wendy Murphy is in Boston. Kelly, good morning. It's been a couple of days since the children are back with their father. How are you sf. I'm good. I'm good. I'm just trying to process it. Make sense of it really. Of course, you were critical of the judge's ruling and your main issue is your children are American citizens. Yeah, I just feel like their voices have about been heard. In a way, I walked into a courtroom where, everything felt like it was already done. It was a done deal. And his mother was sitting there with plane tickets, smiling, ready to take them, nobody had Hurd our argument. I was accused of things that I wasn't everybody defend. Kidnapping. I think no one was in communication. He was in communication with them every day. You know, I talked to my lawyers, they were saying, this is concerning on many levels. And so -- You weren't prepared to be taken from you what was that moment like? How were the children when they went with their grandmother? I'm glad they didn't have any notice in a way, I think it would be in a moment. Your grandma is here. You'll go see your dad. We had to be up for them. And, you know, I was happy the way it ended up the way it happened. I didn't have to deal with media or anything that would have been sort of harmful, I think. Have you been able to speak with them. Of course, yes. Want to bring in your attorney right now, because our legal expert, Dan Abrams, and other legal experts, they sympathize with Kelly, but they also feel that violating the court's order not returning the children on the date that she was supposed to, that was a risky move? Wendy. Requiring to send the children back, when you're an American citizen, you're not required to obey a foreign country especially a foreign country where you have no citizenship, your father has no citizenship, your mother has no citizenship. Monaco commanding them to be arrested. That wasn't the story. You know, I heard in the package, Kelly had an agreement to send the kids back. Here's the agreement that matters. Back in 2012, the kids were toddlers. And Kelly was ordered to send the children to Monaco temporarily. The children's father and Kelly and the court agreed it would be a temporary stay abroad while the father got a U.S. Visa or tried. And for three years he did nothing. Here's the agreement that matters. The father agreed and the children were told you're not stage here forever, it's tome prayer, I your father agree you will return to your own country if I don't get a Visa. He violated his agreement. He violated an American court order and the saddest part of this story is, no American court seems to et give a damn. We talked, Wendy, extensively about the fact that he kept the children after the temporary and we had talked extensively about that. There's a custody hearing, September 3rd, many Monaco, are you fearful that what happened this week will have an impact on that custody hearing? I mean, Monaco has been incredibly kind to me and my children. First five weeks I have had with my kids in five years. The reason the children, aren't ordered home to California, because Daniel's refusing to let me see them unless I surrendered their U.S. Passports. Then, Monaco didn't demand them back. New York just sent them back. So, it was a very odd, you know, odd situation, I think that Monaco has been put in this position because of the decisions made here in U.S. You're being vocal not only for your children -- This is happening to so many people. I have people stopping me on the streets, writing me letters, sending me envelopes of their cases. I was just in the D.C., this has been happening a lot. There needs to be laws in place. You're setting the kid kids up for a problem, the parents up for a problem. I shouldn't have fight this in a foreign court. We'll continue to follow this and I know September 3rd is the next critical date. Thank you. Robin thank you, these court

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