NASCAR's Tony Stewart Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Famed race champion being sued by the family of Kevin Ward, Jr.
2:35 | 08/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NASCAR's Tony Stewart Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit
new trouble for NASCAR champion Tony Stewart. He's facing a lawsuit after hitting Kevin ward Jr. On the track a year ago. We're hearing from the lawyer for ward's family. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of the fateful race, footage of the tragedy already scrutinized in a grand jury investigation. Kevin ward's family wants a jury too look again. And and fault. It was a harrowing moment. Kevin ward Ar car crashing into a wall after colliding with Tony stewa Stewart's car. Ward steps out on the to the track. Stew thwaart Stewart's car striking and hitting him. A year after ward's death, the family filing suit against Stewart. Saying Stewart breached his duty to operate his vehicle in a reasonable, safe man nor by wantonly, willfully, and recklessly driving his vehicle. Gunning his engine while under a caution. Overnight, the family's attorney speaking exclusively to ABC news. A caution flag was up. Four other drivers missed Kevin ward. Yet, the man who is supposedly the best driver in the world revs his engine and runs over and kills him. Reporter: Last year, a grand jury deciding not to file criminal charges against Stewart. Authorities saying a toxicology report showed ward's judgment may have been impaired due to marijuana found in his system. This has been one of the toughest tragedies I have ever had to deal with. Reporter: The ward family's attorney saying their investigation tells a different story. We have done some great digging and found some incredible eyewitnesses who have given us statements. Reporter: On Sunday, Stewart returning to the Watkins glen track for the first time. He got some of the biggest cheers during driver introductions. Reporter: That's little solace for ward's family. They've maintained a healthy sense of the need for accountability and responsibility. Reporter: Well, Stewart's camp has no comment. If a jury finds that he was negligent and was even partly at fault for ward's death, they could award damages. The amount would be based onward's expected future earnings.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Famed race champion being sued by the family of Kevin Ward, Jr.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32986959","title":"NASCAR's Tony Stewart Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit","url":"/GMA/video/nascars-tony-stewart-faces-wrongful-death-lawsuit-32986959"}