Sneak Peek at Target's New Designer Collaboration With Marimekko

"GMA" gives you a fashion exclusive - a first look at some of the items in the new collection, Marimekko for Target.
5:07 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Sneak Peek at Target's New Designer Collaboration With Marimekko
8:42 back with a "Gma" exclusive. Everybody loves it when target teams up with a top named designer making great fashion and home goods available for great prices. Well, we're about to reveal their newest collaboration in just a moment but first Jesse is here with a look at some of target's most popular partnerships in the past. Hey, jess. You know, over the years designer collections have helped turn the big retailer from target into tar-jay. They always follow the anoujsment of a new partnership and it's about to happen again. It's a holiday for fashionistas everywhere like when Lilly pulitzer collaborated with team bull's-eye. A frenzy. Shoppers flooding stores. Reporter: And this morning target announcing he can collusively on "Gma" their latest and brightest design partner. Our team literally scours the world. This year we traveled to Finland to partner up with an incredible brand marimekko. The Finnish designer that catapulted into high fashion after Jackie Kennedy donned their pink shift on the cover of "Sports illustrated" and count on Carrie brad somehow's loyalty as well. It's known for bright and bold colors and beautiful print and pattern and well designed products. Reporter: Taking their inspiration from the eternal Summers of Finland from swimwear to beach accessories to hammocks and paddle boards. Outdoor play. The one word that would encapsulate this collection is joy. It's joyful. And maybe two happiness. And if this partnership is anything like the ones in previous years, there will be a lot of joy and happiness for target. Lara. Thank you so much, jess. Joining us now with a look at some of the new items, Julie Guggemos, senior vp of design's development, marimekko. I'm so excited to share this collection with you. It is all about play. It's play, it's color and I love some of these pieces of the let's start with outdoor. Because marimekko has crazy big vibrant patterns. The paddle board is my favorite. It's a paddle board and will be a standout on the water with this great bold print. It's amazing. How much isthat. It's $499. It's our most expensive item. In the actual collection? The whole collection. It's a great, great value. If you don't want to paddle and want to be lazy you can lay on this. The raft. I love the tent. I know kids will find it to be their absolute favorite. It's designed for outside. So it can live, doesn't have to worry about rain. Not at all. Same goes with the pillows and poofs. Incredible games. How many different patterns are there in your collection. We have about 20 patterns, four color themes. It's really bright. Really cheerful and really designed to make people happy, get outside and play. And speaking of outdoors let's do a little outdoor dining. Everybody needs a great outdoor collection for summer entertaining and what I love about this, you can see the collection of patterns. I love the bright colors. Great for mixing and matching. Cure rate your own look, absolutely and great thing about all of these materials, cannot break them. They're indestructible then the table runner is another one. A print on either side and it's very versatile so you get a two for one look. Price point on this. As low as $8, all the way up to 500 but most pieces, yeah, the paddle board and most pieces are under 0, really great value. We are so passionate about -- Let's talk fashion before we have to go. We have three models. Our first model. All right. So this whole collection -- Oh, my gosh, I love it. Black and white. What I love about it, she is sporting our one piece belted swimsuit with a great rash guard which is really important for sun protection. That's the shirt so you don't get sunburn on your chest. One of our body boards great for getting outside. Second model please, come on out. All right, what we have here is a great two-piece, I love the palazzo pant perfect for going to the beach. Great cover-up and, again, a fantastic hat so you don't have to worry about your hair which is -- I love the black and white. You look very chic. Finally, oh, no, who is this beauty. Shiloh. Hi, Shiloh and Shiloh is wearing our black and white patterned suit. We have mini-me versions for all the kids. She looks fantastic. Everything is going to look. Shiloh, give us your big model pose. There you go, girl. That's right. You look great. You look fantastic in your marimekko. Thanks for bringing it to "Good morning America." Thank you. Everybody loves target and it will be available in stores and online April 17th because you know when these things come, they go. They go in a day sometimes.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"\"GMA\" gives you a fashion exclusive - a first look at some of the items in the new collection, Marimekko for Target.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37329513","title":"Sneak Peek at Target's New Designer Collaboration With Marimekko","url":"/GMA/video/sneak-peek-targets-designer-collaboration-marimekko-37329513"}