China Tightens Security on 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests

Beijing whitewashes crackdown that killed hundreds in pro-democracy student rally.
13:31 | 06/04/14

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Transcript for China Tightens Security on 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests
No memorials just heavy security today in Beijing's Tiananmen square. 25 years after tanks and troops crackdown on peaceful protesters. Killing hundreds of people in the plot. Right now the international hot spot Beijing China. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York -- quiet in China but not so in Hong Kong. One country but two very different systems for remembering that dark chapter in China's long history. 100000. People have turned down for a candlelight vigil in the streets. ABC's Gloria -- -- in Beijing and got -- is close to the square where security is extremely tight she sent this report. Attacks. In Tiananmen -- you can see -- there. It's actually quite empty today and there is a very good chance that that is entirely -- design. There's an increased police presence. There are no journalists allowed inside this is success -- -- I can get as journalists. And this is the area where 25 years ago this where was packed with students protesting for any more free China and today it is. Very sparsely populated actually it looks. A lot less crowded than it normally is except with a much higher police presence. If you -- look at -- Street -- right there icy wind that. Two. I'm not street -- -- -- 123 cameras maybe more that we can't see. And this this is very typical this is one of the security checkpoints that you must pass through in order to enter the square. And then I -- ahead -- password immediately scares journalists and it apparently set taking Cyprus questioning. So this is as close as we can get 25 years ago. Where we are right now. This road this square -- is the site. One of the most charged political protests peaceful protests. The world has seen is certainly the most significant. Protest China has seen. In recent history. And ABC's Gloria Rivera -- us live from Beijing now with more Gloria. What is the atmosphere like in Beijing right now what have you seen in terms of security. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Security guards act. Places that have political significance such as Tiananmen square. But in the months leading up to this anniversary of the -- -- anniversary. We has seen a massive increase. Increased presence across the city -- and and -- Continue in the air Easter Sunday in the what the government has made no effort high which is that -- as well rounded up in nineteen. An -- are being number. Human rights activist lawyers. Anyone who is -- connections you continuing to speak out about the events that occurred 25 years ago Amnesty International released reports. They found that 66 people may -- more being detained. There is the story wonder. The women here who. Still lives in Beijing she lost the army now and early seventies and act as many as five police and surrounding. Her apartment not able to eat because her group -- -- here is quite vocal in. Looking for answers demanding answers. -- so many questions that -- that they still no official death all the credit government refusing to put that figure on the number of those locked on that day. And Gloria were also looking at file video of Tiananmen square recently where young people are holding up cell phones. Watching some military marches do we know how young people feel or know about the events of June 4 1989. He would be very common to go on the street and speak to people and ask her about what happened 25 years ago. And get a blank stare back because the Chinese Government has. Absolutely not allowed any discussion of the events of that -- -- take place. International school system and in fact it. Basically being barred from the national. Conscience saddened and people -- -- a collective. Effort at amnesia. Any thing that you wouldn't think would be completely normal income any other countries around the world. I cut you -- about it on Twitter. China as a Twitter cult label and users away it it got hit it square needs he basically code. They were -- it at 530. I've got pretty -- day it may. Even that. -- centers and gotten Smart healing they do not allow that term to be used on -- though. Still there's an effort the government makes no. Patrick high that they -- -- -- to make sure that this anniversary at every anniversary but particularity that went 25 years later. Passers by -- And if you -- to go to the square today. I would bet that many people that would say that -- the day like any other. So it's local citizens may not mark this but do you also notice that Tiananmen square as a draw for tourists. Going to -- rhetorically -- the -- -- buying Chinese have come from all over the country. If he would need extremists portrait of chairman Mao on the entrance -- the forbidden city. And the the massive government buildings that around the square those are all. Or -- -- station. During the Olympics he would see. And uniformed. Police operatives at large umbrella and it you try to take a picture of that something deemed sensitive. And that umbrella would pop open and they would block it -- It if you go to the square today. Or yesterday or in the weeks leading. You would mean. Yeah it. -- populated -- many people allowed in along the lines to get it is certainly you know journalists. But in terms than any kind has. Predicted Lei commemorating the event. I haven't heard -- the one. ABC's Gloria Riviera thank you very much for joining us right now I want to bring in -- -- she was one of the student leaders in the June 4 1989 protests. She fled Beijing hidden inside a cargo box to Hong Kong and later here to the United States she is also the founder of all girls aloud. A nonprofit that combats gender side in China -- thank you for joining us. When you Susie and her. When you see the increase security presence and T and -- today what kind of emotions does it bring back for you. Go out and elect a black -- Do you square when tanks. And troops -- current and -- -- remembered and -- EDT. And at least I inherited. The leadership and are we sure but certainly not New. Orleans east -- I'm not Clinton we wish. Our greater China. -- is. An -- on her and her. How do you still China is better today with. As we watch the images from 25 years ago and what's happened in the last 25 years. Eight years ago -- three -- warmest on economic forum political warmed almost. Spiritually and still not -- -- -- an arm but he keep it where Karen. -- -- -- Her current and new political people -- But it's prosecution. Are political and religious freedom. Is undertaking. I'm presently the spiritually warm and -- -- people. -- come from the man who got. Aren't parents and he had beaten define -- -- -- -- corruption. And -- Think I'm morality. That it is I'm grateful for China in the future. -- more scenic contrasts we've got Hong Kong where tens of thousands of people turned up to remember those who died. And Tiananmen square which is full of security and not much else today what does that signal to you. Com today will become titans future. And do you -- -- And around the corner and current -- Any. President -- he's. Relentless. Who dude you. The massacre and not current prime minister -- out. The student is. -- DD. And encourage them to. Even you aren't there and don't. Let -- I prayed that you -- integrate its political. Department today. I'm not. The air because the people's what are we will re asking the T and costs -- high into the world. And -- as this is a reflective time for the 25. Years that it passes or anything you think student protesters -- yourself could have done. Anything differently here was the crack down from the government a complete shock. Shock and -- -- every parent I massacre I'm. But let me -- that we know. That he kind I would have. I'm confident. And -- from and got -- temper too. Boring. And dishonest men and green of the government and he's -- here and and you'll come out. With chocolate and righteousness. And treat them wartime and -- and it's not. And eager any duty to teach children in China. And I'm -- -- a lower all my. He established. And still and eat and how that happened on our part to that. He was going two years ago. And still in that sentence. And I'm -- between crime and -- for humanity and well -- -- Until today the freedom for time is not the kind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Lincoln. As you look at leadership in China today does that bring you hope that the protest -- made a difference and what do you think the next generation. Will need to do. Have a great all. Our time to -- because I'm matter. Even that you can hurt me. But he can -- our -- and for free. Even -- and not engage in. But people who go to court. But he can never. People are -- prayer for treatment for. Until my word -- -- -- -- -- be important what you aren't we asked. Fury and absence would not and -- We -- and liberals were kind and people look right through and I'm not replaced. But he -- apartment -- parents. And who knows that congress introduced. For time and the east. -- -- -- In the past twenty I -- the -- happens it will be. Average constituent each. Of the current agreeing to count each -- corner he's not -- He -- merciful he want everybody to turn to. -- and he didn't want anybody to -- -- -- to -- and to -- When -- security and the reason partly to. Yeah. And -- right -- and just our movement toward. The -- -- my -- because there are no match. Child laying thank you very much for joining us and speaking to us about what you experienced 25 years ago and your impassioned -- thank you for joining us. You can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. Even watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":23992579,"title":"China Tightens Security on 25th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Protests","duration":"13:31","description":"Beijing whitewashes crackdown that killed hundreds in pro-democracy student rally.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-china-tightens-security-25th-anniversary-23992579","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}