President Obama, Putin Attend D-Day Commemoration

The two world leaders met at a luncheon amid tensions between the two nations over the crisis in Ukraine.
7:53 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for President Obama, Putin Attend D-Day Commemoration
You can. Superpowers split screen president. Obama and president Putin's -- -- -- -- -- knowing right now the international hot spots are Mans France hello everyone I'm Michelle Branch and York. On the seventieth anniversary of the largest amphibious assault ever made. And the turning point in the Second World War that ensured an allied victory world leaders remembering the sacrifice. And using the opportunity to work out some rising tensions. President Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin met today during a world leader luncheon despite of war may be because of the tensions over Ukraine. And we are joined now by ABC's Alex Mark Clark who has been watching all of that from our bureau in London. Alex we sell President Obama and Russian president Vladimir Putin's side by side both smiling. Does the relationship of the two leaders now where does that stand. Well it's written really a smirk wasn't I think both men are recognizing that. This was one of the moments that the crowd and and the world was really looking Ford are anticipating. -- seeing today -- it's -- really work out what they were gonna do maybe get some clues from their their body language there's no doubt that it's an extremely frosty relationship. The two men went out of their way to avoid each other in public there -- several moments throughout the course today. When they could have Koppen and attacked each other on the shoulder of the east set high in front of the cameras. They chose not to. President Obama has described this relationship as business -- they chose to carry out this meeting behind the scenes around ten to fifteen minutes. We understand that the relationship between the US and Russia has never been so low since. The end of the Cold War. So perhaps what were beginning to see is as the beginning of -- the two men now Obama refuse to meet with -- On this trip at least in official terms the White -- has said that this is not. A bilateral meeting this is something that happened on the sidelines. So really what what we're seeing is is possibly -- though the warming or at least in normalizing. -- beginning of the normalization process. Of of of relationships between Obama and -- but what's clear is that the reset between. Russia and the US that that it was launched a much fanfare the beginning of -- Obama administration between himself. And then president. Dmitry Medvedev -- is certainly dead. And Alex of course -- calls of the crowd right there at this historic event and of course we heard that the two ended up talking for about ten to fifteen minutes during lunch. Is either side revealing what those talks included. Yeah I was very brief 1015 minutes as you said -- and from all we understand it was entirely centered on Ukraine. The White House has not put out what they call read out summary of the conversation just yet. But we understand from the Kremlin from Putin's spokesman that it was about Ukraine about the path forward about a way to a find a peaceful solution. To the Ukrainian prices of course fighting has been raging in the eastern part of that country hundreds of people have been killed over the past several weeks. So we understand that the two presidents were talking about a peaceful political solution a way to end. -- the fighting that has been taking place in eastern Ukraine could this be a signal that the tensions might be easing just a bit. The tension yes between. Between Russia and the US easing slightly. Of course we you and I've spoken many times of the course the past few weeks and months off from Ukraine a when there was a feared that that Russia would actually intervene and then send troops into Ukraine as they had done in Crimea they of course annex Crimea. The thinking that fear was that that could that the eastern Ukraine could then be the next target Russia massed tens of thousands of troops along that border. So in that sense the tension has been -- there is no more real fear are thinking that Russia is going to intervene. But the tension has not eased in the sense that the fighting has actually gotten worse. Over the course the past few weeks has gotten worse. Since since Ukraine elected -- new president just just two weeks ago. -- so it did did that the focus. At least on the surface between the two men is to find some way to get out of this. Very violent situation in eastern Ukraine. And Alex another important meeting President Putin met with Ukraine's president elect Viktor -- Shiancoe the so called chocolate king. Could that also be an encouraging sign here. It is an encouraging sign -- and one of the main things that that. That you know. That was required. Of the next Ukrainian president really. Was. Someone who could put that relationship between -- -- Moscow back on track these are countries. That of course have an extremely long shared history shared blood shared ethnicity for many of them. So Petro up or -- is seen as a man who can work with the Kremlin can work with President Putin. This is a man who has who has come out immediately after his election. Saying I want to move Ukraine more towards the west more towards Europe signed deals with the European Union and the same time he also highlighted the fact. I that he has for a personal relationship with food and he has met with. Him in the past they have close -- says he has channels into the into the Kremlin so. Alongside that meeting with -- Obama there was also what we understand to be around a ten to fifteen minute a meeting between Corsica and Putin. Which hopefully is the first sign that feed these two countries will be able to to normalize the relations. And then of course the hope is a beaten. But from -- -- from Washington is that -- builder plus some sort of pressure on the rebels. Carrying notes the these attacks and and this insurgency in the east. Apply that pressure to get them to back off to get them to put down their weapons of course Moscow denies any sort of involvement then and and says that they don't really have any influence over these groups that are carrying out this fighting. And we've also seen other European leaders like chancellor Merkel of Germany and president -- on the France being very cordial with President Putin and holding some meetings evident of the important role Russia plays in providing Europe with most of its natural gas. Yes so unlike the US which refuse to meet with prudent each of there are many. As you mentioned TV's top European leaders. Did meet with him. Russia was kicked out of the G -- -- several months ago as all of this this Ukrainian crisis erupted the G-7 leaders met yesterday. In in Brussels and so even though Europe has a whole has sanctioned Russia. The sanctions that have been applied are levied on Russia. Do a lot more damage to Europe -- -- the United States because of course the United States is a lot more -- not only geographically but economically from Russia so we've got countries like Germany that has very close energy ties with Russia. France is very close defense ties the UK that is very close financial ties so even though. Yesterday in the G-7 meeting they did threaten. To Levy more sanctions against -- -- Russia continues to meddle in Ukraine. The fact that these leaders as you say Cameron Merkel rolled all meeting separately with Putin. Is a very strong sign that Europe has a lot more to lose -- the US does when it comes to sanctioning Russia. ABC's Alex -- acquired from our bureau in London thank you for joining us. You can't keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":24030688,"title":"President Obama, Putin Attend D-Day Commemoration","duration":"7:53","description":"The two world leaders met at a luncheon amid tensions between the two nations over the crisis in Ukraine.","url":"/International/video/international-hot-spot-president-obama-putin-attend-day-24030688","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}