Oklahoma Tornado: Search and Recovery

How neighbors in Moore, Okla., made it through the worst case scenario
3:46 | 05/22/13

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Transcript for Oklahoma Tornado: Search and Recovery
200 miles per hour that's held fast yesterday's twister ripped through Moore Oklahoma. Destroying everything in this but -- the rubble that littered the ground the number. That captures our hearts and minds is not the speed of the storm. But the number also lives is expected. We mourn those lost at least in an all of those -- managed to smile here's ABC's Cecilia Vega resilient. Cynthia good evening we are here on south west sixth street it's tough to tell by looking around now but just as -- yesterday. This is a neighborhood of modest homes a place where families -- now tonight this destruction everywhere. This is all that's left -- Richard jones' house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He and his entire family hunkered down in the bathtub as the tornado destroyed everything around them. All the debris just flying around in the air and I mean it. -- lesson about not as -- as -- dollars -- -- it seemed like forever. What was a home now -- pile of debris. And there are piles just like get up and down this street from one end of southwest six street to the next homes flattened. Tony -- he had just moved in two weeks to go. When and pretty as their religion more. We're gonna rebuild. Right here. Scott has his reason for everything got to believe. What is almost impossible to believe all the stories of survival the tornado ripped through this entire neighborhood. All the memories residents spent a lifetime -- -- went flying. One woman found debris in her front yard 100 miles of weight she set up -- FaceBook page he cyber lost and found -- pictures. A sonogram. Graduation -- Weddings and I love you to mom this photo of -- kissing couple and in no from the person who found it. Just hoping that the two in this photo are okay these two were hoping for something different so they wanted to find their friends dog fly. And -- -- finally did she was all alone shaken her tail between her legs curled on the floor board of her owner's car. -- it was in the front -- here. And that car just take a look at them aboard. This car is struggling and never seen anything like. I was actually in the middle of the street watching the storm go by -- high street call lived his -- -- -- on this block. He knew the tornado was coming what did you hear. The sounds like much -- Kevin's really really let me just get got louder louder. But he chose to ignore the sirens and all those warnings would be why do you -- -- -- Don't run stick sightings does this board basically. When he realized this was a tornado unlike any he had ever seen he ran for his light. He had just two minutes to climb into a -- shelters then it hit and when he came out and this is what you see. And I freaked out. Everything's gone to -- mark grace's this is a wall actually that's not Texas house but nearly every single home on the block. Neighbors spent the day out here trying to clean up but so many -- we're. You even begin investigate even amid all of this tonight there are promises to rebuild.

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{"id":19230228,"title":"Oklahoma Tornado: Search and Recovery","duration":"3:46","description":"How neighbors in Moore, Okla., made it through the worst case scenario","url":"/Nightline/video/oklahoma-tornado-search-recovery-19230228","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}