Moment of silence held at Vegas shooting remembrance ceremony

The sunrise ceremony honored the 58 killed two years ago at an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas.
4:23 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for Moment of silence held at Vegas shooting remembrance ceremony
For me. You know anniversary is more terrible. The one that marks the death of my son quit province. That's the anniversary. The last let's spell. A spouse to spare a parent sibling or best friend for those affected. Is no less troubling. This kind of broken this can never ever explain. Nor will this plane paying ever completely go away. Our grief is different in many ways. However it is the same. In the way that family and friends of those 58 lives that were so brutally taken have changed forever. None of us want those who lost to be forgotten. Many if not all of us would like to channel this dreadful experience. In the something beneficial. Something that helps maker's society a better place. There's so much anger evil and sorrow in the world we must do our part to make life better for others. We must be the good. Tens of thousands of acts of kindness that performed countless events that how. Dedication have been made several families have created foundations. As did we. Ultra respect remember and honor the 58 lives there were gone too soon. My son Quinton was twenty years old when he was taken from us. Born and raised in Henderson Nevada. He was an athlete's slaying multiple sports love the outdoors and love activity involving family and friends. Quinn certainly loves sports president Henderson city recreation employee he was able to indulge his passion. Enjoyed coaching young kids play football baseball basketball. Enjoyed seeing kids excel. And at a great time. There was this passion for sports. And for helping others that led to the creation of the Clinton Robbins play it forward foundation. The foundation supports local athletes was scholarships to continue their education. And supports various forms of you sports for the community loved in the schools that he attended. In addition subsidizing youth programs the less fortunate Kitsap experiences that there are were unattainable before. It's a sort of work that I know Clinton. Would be very happy and proud. It is our pleasure and honor to do this work in his memory. Let's try to create a better place to live in whatever ways we are able. In our sorrow. I understand. That we may not always be up to it we must try. We must try because that's what when my son. And the all the other 57 lives lost that they would want. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to speak to Dan for the comparison has been expressed so many ways. We are Vegas strong. In clothing. I asked a route. We respect 58 by asking you join me in observing 58 seconds of silence. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The sunrise ceremony honored the 58 killed two years ago at an outdoor music festival in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65981651","title":"Moment of silence held at Vegas shooting remembrance ceremony","url":"/US/video/moment-silence-held-vegas-shooting-remembrance-ceremony-65981651"}