Ex-Penn State President Charged in Child Abuse Case

Pennsylvania AG announces charges against Graham Spanier and other former university officials.
3:00 | 11/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ex-Penn State President Charged in Child Abuse Case
We're here today to announce that. New criminal charges. Have been filed against three former top administrators at Penn state university. As a result of the ongoing investigation. Into sexual assaults committed by Jerry sandusky. On the campus of Penn State. You or call that Gary Schultz the former senior vice president for finance and business at Penn State. And Timothy Curley to former director of athletics there. -- each previously charged by this office back in October of 2011. With one count of perjury. For -- false statements to a grand jury. Along with one count each of failure to report suspected child abuse. Since then the investigation is continued and in addition. To the existing charges Schultz and Curley are now also charged with criminal conspiracy. Obstruction of justice and endangering the welfare of children. Former Penn state university president Graham Spaniard. To whom -- Schultz and Curley who reported back then. Is also charged with five counts in connection with his role in the sandusky investigation. And those counts are criminal conspiracy. Obstruction of justice in danger in the welfare of children. Failure to report suspected child abuse and perjury for making false statements to -- injury. As a result of the filing of these new charges. All three men will face the same five charges. Soon. This case. Is about. Three powerful and influential men who held positions. At the very top of one of the most prestigious universities. In the nation. Three men who used their positions and state to conceal. And cover up for years the activities of -- known child predator. Who allowed him to freely use university facilities. And then repeatedly. Obstructed attempts by law enforcement. And investigators to gather evidence about the sandusky assault. Which -- on camps. This was not a mistake by these men it was not an oversight. It was not misjudgment on their part. This was a conspiracy of silence by top officials. Working to actively conceal the truth. With total disregard for the children -- -- sandusky victims in this case.

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{"id":17618265,"title":"Ex-Penn State President Charged in Child Abuse Case","duration":"3:00","description":"Pennsylvania AG announces charges against Graham Spanier and other former university officials.","url":"/US/video/penn-state-president-charged-in-child-abuse-case-17618265","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}