Rep. Maxine Waters on Trump: ‘No one believes what you’re saying’

The Democratic congresswoman discusses the nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death, President Donald Trump’s response and COVID-19 concerns.
6:59 | 06/06/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. Maxine Waters on Trump: ‘No one believes what you’re saying’
For more now on the government's response to George Floyd's death in the nationwide protest we're joined now by longtime California congresswoman Maxine Waters congresswoman thanks so much for being here. I'm RNC. It president trump said today is a quote great day for George Floyd and for all Americans because the economy is improving but the Floyd family and many Americans are still grieving and name calling for change so what did you make of of the president's comments today and also his response this week to the nationwide protests. Regis I don't even know why we agree. And so the president my little fleeing a rolled out their best opportunity in saint inning thinks is not believable. Yes we still half protesters in the street. Rehab people were not only concerned about. An adequate although we're always parents to the pandemic and uncertainty. That knowing that you're just openly and in addition to that. We have the police. Who held been shown. I don't yet know literally draining the leg and a black random act while we knee on his net and so I don't mean to gather we young people's and no does not. We want more from our government bring more attention on this so called leaders in this country this Britain the and I salute this aspect and so the spelling out there is I will. Or at least you know sit in dishes dubbed. And that Jerry and mouse. Believes what you're saying I was desperate need and we didn't do. Of course you're from California which is seen major protests this weekend and you've been calling for reforms of policing for decades including in the aftermath of the yelling rides. Is there at all to you about this moment that feels different or you at all concerned that this may fade away without any major changes. As has happened so many times before. You know items are are all of these young people. Out there is. All cheers and ethnicity. Or didn't it and these protests. Got shaky real and get their. The young people. How the war all. You know and states of America in all of that great state. In. A bit different we have been meeting this issue in years just system and has not been kind to people. The color and we and hours and Wellesley. To. And yellow ribbon. I'm an outstanding record sales in saying we are going to be back this leadership. We teach. An old establishment. That it will continue to be the way. Well. I'm bill and it's great resentment immigration. Isn't doing solo so. Out in the Asian people and all I can say is. Going keep doing what you're doing and it's not as if you're finished. You know finish there are actually. Establishment. Again since you that you and stand and understand that you mean business. And it's not over. It will go on and I loved. Let me ask this if congress can't even agree to pass anti lynching legislation and I guess this really is a rhetorical question but how is it 20/20 and lynching. Has not been outlawed given that. We can't get agreement on that how likely is it that there's going to be agreement on more systemic changes it's a policing and and racial justice issues in and I guess it that neither the state or federal level and are there any specific measures that you think could pass right now. Well let me just say you're actually read the chances are certainly are well. The past black is going to lead the package of legislation. Which includes trying to limit your support. And on and on and all of let me Maine yes. Battalion that is going to help. Get rid of this president and let someone and is more. Animal also want to offer my condolences because I know that you lost your sister recently to covet nineteen an issue seen. These protests with so many Americans out of mysteries how concerned are you about the spike of the virus potentially in the coming weeks. Well I'll tell you what I'm concerned about I'm concerned about the young people who have. The car reached the street. Airport about distancing. I don't want to be ill want to get sick. What I'm worried about than anything else is brave courageous young people. What does that I am going to act on the only the ability being. I. It's. About you know the adjourned on the air and been sprayed Richard. And president's threat sickened dolls are real big race. As you know black Americans have died of the corona virus is three times the rate of white Americans what measures are you pushing. To respond to that disparity. Well we're doing everything that we can't again. As a result of the president of the United States has let politics. Oh but the distribution of PPD. Your Melo. I he has commandeered to. He is coming battle. But under different places so he could be in control of the piano he's this black governors and what they want to get them to enter a little bit es favorite. Republican list aids. So when you three what are we doing. Let me see where you. And every day in a black eye ring. Malcolm. They get a little bit of progress in rare but not been able to achieve in the way that people should expect their government to achieve. Democracy. Democracy is being and you're not. The president of the United States who cares less about the constitution. About religion and helps the Bible it's raise protesters. And so it was only a little bit mentioning the islands about him you're right. Congresswoman I hate to interrupt you we're just gonna run ad time we so appreciate your passion. And and your time thank you so much. So let's Greenberger you're.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"The Democratic congresswoman discusses the nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death, President Donald Trump’s response and COVID-19 concerns.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71100580","title":"Rep. Maxine Waters on Trump: ‘No one believes what you’re saying’","url":"/US/video/rep-maxine-waters-trump-believes-youre-71100580"}