Van Jones Discusses Martin Luther King Day on 'The View'

The CNN correspondent shared his opinion on why it is appropriate that MLK deserves his own holiday.
3:50 | 01/16/17

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Transcript for Van Jones Discusses Martin Luther King Day on 'The View'
Lining up at hot topics. Is CNN demands known the man close to a high. So as you know it's. Mark with the king's birthday today that was the I have a dream speech that Martin Luther King. Game bad people quote all the time and it's an amazing speech and if you don't know it. Look it up the words are extraordinary and we walked out to Stevie Wonder is iconic classic happy birthday so how many people know. The history behind that song. Probably I didn't know it but I don't know now him but I just learned today yeah. I the Stevie and correct this backing. Worked on any of the play it with that things are for the campaign today hit the holiday yes I do that what else I want a yes up. Narrows about thirteen when it passed and we were all excited that we may get an extra day off from school. And by all we got a holiday now. Amok on the semi valuable but you need to understand what this holiday is about and it really in a sense has become the black birthday song because in my house you sing happy birthday to you women is happy perhaps they didn't Fred everybody to do and they know every. Obviously hard to talk that's our everybody. But the bad thing is that everybody Cain hit certain notes yeah. And me the I yeah. But I think it's appropriate that he not only has this day. But he also has the monument. Because installing new ways he is among the final founders. Can we act like America was founded on one day when a bunch of guys sign something. It's hook. Centuries. To founded this country as the democratic republic where women could vote. Where African Americans could vote will LG BT folks did in the man it was still founding America today but he won the final found of the and he deserves that. Yeah that's a very good way to put it an act that. Bring in recent press black woman wrote a blog in Huffington Post because she had no idea that the Virginia school that she went to. Was once for whites only until she watched will be in Vegas she says she shouldn't have to learn this kind of information histories from the mold it's. You know if not for the movies and you wouldn't knowledge is now about anything you wouldn't know what you would know about and frank. You wouldn't know I love balanced man is about what a game. That really cemented the history of what happened there people need to watch it wanted to little things then. That. Didn't figures has done is it's dug up the fact that they world lot of women. That were involved. Not just women of color but women of color and white women who nobody talks about. Who had a lot to do with making signs and when we. And car dar daughters. To go into you know all of the sciences. This is why because we have an idea all we have we can do that. Opening scene of that movie if you haven't seen us move the most amazing you have a seen this movie didn't figures. It's it just shows it showed me what a racist and sexist I am. Because. This little black girl comes there's not a spoiler to say does little black girl comes out. In theater from a black board. And is a genius behind him now into the little white Steve Jobs I would have been blown away but to seek a little black girl. Doing math at that level I think you know what I am races infects the news I have never seen this little boy and learned that that your race. That means though I'm African American civil rights doomed if not Jack yeah.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The CNN correspondent shared his opinion on why it is appropriate that MLK deserves his own holiday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44812581","title":"Van Jones Discusses Martin Luther King Day on 'The View'","url":"/US/video/van-jones-discusses-martin-luther-king-day-view-44812581"}