Ariel Castro Found Dead in Prison

The Ohio man convicted of kidnapping and raping three Cleveland women for a decade is found dead.
2:18 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Ariel Castro Found Dead in Prison
America this morning. -- morning we begin without breaking news from Ohio it truly stunning development -- Castro found that evidence. Apparent suicide the man who pleaded guilty earlier this year running -- house of horrors in Cleveland was to spend the rest of his life in prison. No one knew his life would end so soon. The last time we saw 53 year old are real Castro was at a sentencing on August 1 it was an extraordinary court session in which one of the three women Castro kidnapped and raped for years. Summon the courage to address Castro directly. And in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If that attorney didn't start in prison it's underway now castor was found last night hanging in his twelve foot by what prison cell. He was in protective custody in that cell alone because of the notoriety of this case. Castor was checked on by prison staff every thirty minutes but he wasn't on suicide watch. When he was found CPR was performs before he was taken to a hospital. -- was pronounced dead just before 11 PM local time last night. -- -- -- Those were among Castro's final public works part of his bizarre rambling sixteen minutes statement at his sentencing. He claimed he had been sexually assaulted as a child that he was addicted to pornography and the the -- had with a -- the very Gina dejesus and Michelle might was consensual as. Parents. Unlikely given the words of one of Gina dejesus is relatives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Translation may god have mercy on your soul. -- raises his brother tells us is family is aware of the situation that quote they are all doing OK so far obviously there are a lot of questions this morning about how -- was apparently able to take his own life. Ohio police in just beginning their investigation we will have much more on Good Morning America.

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{"id":20150592,"title":"Ariel Castro Found Dead in Prison","duration":"2:18","description":"The Ohio man convicted of kidnapping and raping three Cleveland women for a decade is found dead.","url":"/WNN/video/ariel-castro-found-dead-prison-20150592","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}