Jedi Boot Camp

ABC's Kendis Gibson tries a Star Wars-inspired workout routine, complete with light sabers and dueling.
3:12 | 12/17/15

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Transcript for Jedi Boot Camp
Hard to Greg graphic. Dated this weekend thousands upon thousands of Pete sold over the world will be headed to the movie theater with light sabers in hand but theaters actually banning the prophet of truth yet I would know what to do an ABC's -- this gets it. Learn the tricks of the trade from some tonight here New York. Ten years ago in a village far far way. I didn't really. That I academy. Forced to you guys to do stupid. The 05. Village parade and yet it was like that was on the Reno what do you guys do there's what do you guys learn anything. You know we have something here. That's something. Growing into a full agenda academy with young pet it wants embracing the powers of the force he trying to use of course on your siblings. And did. A car keys. Even those who crossed the dark side are welcome here on the fifth. I'm pretty well. After a vote but can't to teach me think he would later I'm still here so I figured. Deterrent. I'm and an ill and it's our turn to a 101 with truly Jenna and master. What you'll see in any sort find out there would be a simple bouncing off shot a rebound shot the two things. Cap and back. I'm gonna do something like say. Telegraph. And elect you know where I'm coming you'll tell me I'm telling you read my movements are money you know big wide strike. It's what they can go to your shoulders or anybody your shoulder my guess the force is not strong get out ahead does that happen all the guys. Of course a mix of martial arts meets old Star Wars fanatics meets. Policies hours. And given me some tips from my clothes that I classmates. Anger. We'll. They have. Thomas thinking ahead and women who was turned into the side raise enough but after little training one to move from bringing Fuller. You got it and own out of school. Flying to off my back because it a bit god I finally did. OK now I'm ready to enter the battles. Yeah. It's Gibson ABC news New York. Well Ken mrs. X a hole into right reminds veiled way. My favorite ride all at my favorite thing at Disney World and that I on the mend the and that is on the rise but they have a lifesaver training for a full five oh the best thing every in state.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"ABC's Kendis Gibson tries a Star Wars-inspired workout routine, complete with light sabers and dueling.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35815753","title":"Jedi Boot Camp","url":"/WNN/video/jedi-boot-camp-35815753"}