Oscars Analysis: Hosting, Falling and Winning

A look at how host Seth Macfarlane fared among other top Oscar moments.
3:56 | 02/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars Analysis: Hosting, Falling and Winning
Big story this morning of course is the Academy Award -- -- joining us to talk more about the Oscars -- and -- in New York City bureau chief for Yahoo! entertainment we have welcome. Thanks so much welcome Rihanna we gotta keep this up with Argo won the best -- was -- expected aren't expected. -- think it hasn't been expected but -- is really exciting with seeing. A movie win for best picture that had not been nominated for best director the last time that happened -- 1989 the -- Driving Miss Daisy. Whatever situation do you think the public sort of got behind this. You think actually built some sympathy having that dynamic built it. I definitely think it belts and sympathy but it's also a great movie that really deserved a best picture -- -- And moving on to the winner of the best actress this is it Jennifer -- now I think everybody. Expected her window they didn't expect what happened on -- -- off. And interesting hat that wardrobe malfunction at the sag awards and now -- -- seemed totally safe plan and for her but she recovered well she's so sweet love her parents and I -- think she remembers the statue of the fall. Well I think she is like he really embarrassed about the fine. Just Clinton wonderfully normal girl -- anyone would be. -- -- people buzzing about it so it can't be all that that. Exactly and and I think what everybody's going to be buzzing about tomorrow is the performance of the night Seth MacFarlane kind of out of left field not a lot of people were expecting that he would be the choice for the Academy Awards he lives. -- -- -- -- -- I thought he did great at cutting its funny he -- a -- -- to the show that it really badly looted after Billy Crystal last year. So I I loved -- I and I thought he was just the right amount of -- There was still a song and dance it's really needed that a great at what those winds full moments where you just felt uncomfortable but. Kind of in a strange way that's his job right I mean he he definitely still patent -- He mocked Ben Affleck any -- Ricardo -- in the native -- Chris brown and -- -- that -- Went over on it came into the -- you know. -- -- Do you think people are going to be saying tomorrow because he had the whole day at the very beginning with all the headlines that are going to be popping up tomorrow which of -- headlines do you think it's gonna ring true. Worse mediocre or email that I don't think they're gonna say he was the best Oscar host ever but I think he didn't think -- -- people are -- commend him for it. I think I think there was a lot of Ricky Gervais missing I was waiting to see more of their race staff worry. A little bit a little bit but that he said those winds formal that was -- awkward moments sort of racy enough he didn't do a single voice. Every expecting we're gonna hear -- we -- -- here Ted nobody we heard Seth MacFarlane and nothing but Seth MacFarlane holds up. What do you think is going to be the legacy what do you think is going he's going to be remembered for -- tonight is remembered in ten years what's the one moment -- tonight that really stood out. What in the first moments of the whole -- of the song and dance we site but woods Stewart. No one's gonna not talk about a -- -- about the saying in regards to Ole miss that -- got all those actors up there and actresses singing I do think that would overwhelm. Whenever I also think the show following it was running really long and it was one of those things they could've been chopped personally that I felt about. And there -- some musical moments that you actually did enjoy. Absolutely I loved all of the school financing -- the very beginning of the show I had no idea that Charlie's parent could fight that -- -- a big. I just waiting for sending him a ticket -- up. So he's number one that the planet and the -- And that was one moment that you thought was really spectacular the First Lady. I -- in I was floored to CSI and nobody knew that was coming hasn't really well kept secret -- amazing. Sparkles and rocket meant -- and even Ben Affleck said backstage after the show city Kelly he was hallucinating when she announced -- winning best picture she goes great. Grant -- think -- much for joining us and we'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"A look at how host Seth Macfarlane fared among other top Oscar moments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"18587455","title":"Oscars Analysis: Hosting, Falling and Winning","url":"/WNN/video/oscars-analysis-hosting-falling-winning-18587455"}