The Pulse of Perseverance: 3 doctors on hardship, brotherhood, and success

Pierre, Joe and Maxime created a bond in college when they were all failing medical school that has led them to educate and inspire young people of color. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
5:06 | 02/13/19

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Transcript for The Pulse of Perseverance: 3 doctors on hardship, brotherhood, and success
Read it won't. These three men up shoulder to shoulder but they've had each other's backs were more than forty years. Doctor Joan Simien on board certified obstetrician gynecologist doctor peered Johnson. Truth curiosity and interest sparked. Before being so did you plan and darker Maxima dear almost. Cardiac anesthesiologists all three doctors who beat yards. Doctor Ximian selling drugs at a young engage in New Orleans. Doctor Johnson growing up on the SARS are Chicago his parents addicted to drugs doctor matier the son of Haitian immigrants who moved to New York. Three barred men from different lives apart Shipp who happened by chance. To meet in the same place struggling in the library egg Xavier University of Louisiana. Hero for the moment you've met your moment usually dive yeah you know he said one thing and he's. Now if you stuff it. And when he said that. I was like okay we're going to be best friends because he has the same drop passion and determination lifting each other out holding each other accountable. We need him he's an ass of sub par grades are freshman year and hand we. We finally linked up we realized it. Through each other we can pull each other up. All three graduating going their separate ways for medical school for the challenges not over Ximian even moved to Illinois for a month. They held Johnson after he obedient cats required tests to get into med school. To have somebody. Is feeling when that right we do anything actually back and as your support. If it changes life but then finally that moment what of that moment like when you're all three doctors that moment it was. I mean I was happy when he's inside deep inside you feel like something's just. That was the turning point. What a Muslim into the mouth on this. That burning question if they all three face the realities of the world including discrimination based they came from Carl league implications. Even other people of color be completely confident of cultural identity we going to hospital via hearings he had tend to lose and we do that for a specific reason we have the knowledge and we know I communicate effectively. The friends were more like Brothers putting their stories on paper. Their book the polls but perseverance you have to put your is that I had to be exposed it. You don't want pants went aids drugs like all of those things have to be transplant and put out there. Com so that kids can actually. Put themselves in our shoes. Book proceeds go to the nonprofit aimed at educating young people inspiring those who look like them in awarding a monthly scholarship. Also perseverance scholarship recipient Caleb Johnson as a premed student at prairie view a and M and Texas. Reading the book it's hot meal are related to the book a 100% I felt like they were of the blue just we're me. Faced a more black women training to become positions the number of black people attendee Matt school has increased over thirty year period. But the number of black men graduating from at school dropped from 57% in 1986. To 35%. By 2015. These men want more people of color in the medical field. Other message broader. If you want consistent position that's great. But if you want to be that next CEO that arch bring new people make it seem like oh there's not a formula know there's a form. Today they're sure enough formula in schools and communities across the country. Telling children who grew up like them there's more to life in sports or entertainment when you put education behind you. You could do and it's and you wanna do. No want to take it from you and you controlled the next chapter implementing the changes they want to see. Hope we educate the educators of are at risk youth and empowering kids to help them find success do you feel successful. It's not as never enough. Now an update as some stress once and that we all have in common is that whenever satisfied. We always want more. And this spring the trio will deliver the commencement at their alma mater. And eczema your university of Louisiana well known historically black college and those wrecks each Rosie Xavier knowing that the nation's only historically black. Catholic institution consistently places. Black students in medical school and it's so great seeing them excelling at telling that's not sports that's not music which is great. But to show there's more out there are Blackmon. And acting and that's their message these men are extraordinarily Smart and they're caring they are leaders. And I can tell you that they're making an impact in their communities as well and to learn more about their efforts pulse of perseverance other web site is that. Polls of brown I wonder why they get big shout outs are better luck about cookies as well it was an honor to meet these men.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Pierre, Joe and Maxime created a bond in college when they were all failing medical school that has led them to educate and inspire young people of color. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61046557","title":"The Pulse of Perseverance: 3 doctors on hardship, brotherhood, and success","url":"/WNN/video/pulse-perseverance-doctors-hardship-brotherhood-success-61046557"}