State of Emergency in San Diego as Wildfires Continue to Rage

Investigators think deadly wildfires may have started with a golf cart.
3:27 | 05/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for State of Emergency in San Diego as Wildfires Continue to Rage
The state of emergency in San Diego and we are seeing pictures out of California that look like scenes from a nightmare. Take a look at these from the last few days and here is the question being raised by investigators tonight. Did this raging inferno begin with something commonplace. A golf carts. For the latest on that let's go straight to ABC Cecilia Vega on the ground in San Marcos right now Cecilia. Diane good evening T you know one of the things that is fueling these fires out here is this dry brush all over California hillside sticks like these. They're like match sticks that firefighters tell me convert a hundred acres in just mix. Plumes of black smoke filling the sky as three separate fires at the west coast's largest marine training police continue to burn this evening. Flames scorching more than 141000. Acres at Camp Pendleton. With temperatures and winds dropping finally firefighters are getting a leg up in this raging battle. But what he -- has been. At one point eleven Southern California fires burning -- wants. Leaving one person dead -- more than 191000. Acres. Destroying at least eleven homes forcing more than 23000. People into evacuation. It is -- community on. -- today at 57 year old man pleaded not guilty to arson in connection with one of those buyers. But so far investigators have confirmed the cause of just the blaze in Rancho Bernardo started by a spark at a construction project. This video may show the beginning of the Carlsbad fire -- up fast -- moving -- -- a landscaper caught on camera. A small brush fire near a golf course flames jumping across a street and that. They take off. That little fire turn neighborhoods into the firefighters call the conditions in California. This is just dried. Dry branches they -- really fast this is a match is basically a match exactly. -- -- And it's not just here. Across the country fire season now last two months longer than usual. And this year alone Washington could spend nearly two billion dollars on fighting fires. It's only -- what does this say about the rest of the year while it's if it's continues his -- says that where are we going to have a lot of fires throughout the state of California. Kansas City is with us now -- we can see the scorched earth all around you there but can you -- the camera little -- more that new fire in the distance. -- -- I want to -- my photographer to show you over there that smoke that you see on the horizon that thick plume of gray smoke that's is really just filling the sky here. That's -- camp -- and is and that's where there's a new fire burning this evening. Firefighters tell us though that third fire that's burning there is a small one they believe they'll be able to get it out very soon two more fires still burning on that face at this -- those are much larger. But firefighters just telling us recently that they think they'll be able to keep those confined to the bases well. There's some good news out here the temperatures are much cooler than they've been for the last four days the winds have certainly died down. But -- and you know there are still five fires burning here in San Diego at this hour the battle. It's still a tough road ahead for these crews out here that number keeps changing every hour thank you so much Cecilia -- reporting -- tonight.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Investigators think deadly wildfires may have started with a golf cart.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23759540","title":"State of Emergency in San Diego as Wildfires Continue to Rage","url":"/WNT/video/state-emergency-san-diego-wildfires-continue-rage-23759540"}