What Would You Do: Mother, daughter argue over wearing hijab in public

A Muslim mother and daughter out to eat are arguing because the daughter is wearing her hijab. What will the other customers say?
6:07 | 09/16/17

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Mother, daughter argue over wearing hijab in public
Hi, there. What can I get you? Just a minute, please. I'm waiting for my daughter. Okay, I'll be back in a few minutes. Okay, mom, before you blow up -- Is this the "Big surprise"? Mom -- How many times have I told you? Reporter: To her, it's a proud symbol of their faith. trouble. But this is part of our religion, it's who we are! It's too dangerous. You have to blend in! It's a sad reality in America, but this makes you a target. Reporter: If you saw this mother discouraging her daughter from practicing her religion in public -- I shouldn't have to hide who I am. Please take off the hijab. Reporter: -- What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at the omega diner and cafe in north Brunswick, New Jersey. Hey, mom. Is this the "Big surprise"? Reporter: Our mom's reaction grabs the attention of these women. I don't want you to wear the hijab in public! Why, though? It's dangerous. You have to blend in. There are some people that want to harm muslims. Wearing the hijab is like wearing a target on your head. Reporter: This woman is itching to say something. People get scared. Some people aren't used to this. Reporter: Finally, she cannot remain silent. You're probably making everybody in here nervous wearing that. Me? Yes. Excuse me, miss. Excuse me. Oh, yes? I work in the school and I have five ladies that wear this every day. I understand what you're saying, because of the fact that they are attacking muslims. Yeah, yeah. But listen, if this is what she do, I have to respect what they do. If it was your daughter, would you be afraid for her walking? I understand what you mean, and I can understand, because people are evil and they get attacked just for this. But it's the same way that we can get attacked, because we're Christians and they might not want us to serve god or go some place to pray. So don't be too hard. Reporter: Time to give this understanding woman the gold star she deserves. How are you? I watch you guys all the time. Reporter: You had to jump in, right? Yeah, I had -- I had to. Reporter: Why should people speak up? Well, this is their belief. You shouldn't hide it from other people. Reporter: The fact that you're religious people yourselves, did that drive your involvement? You're not supposed to be ashamed of your religion at all. At all. Our cameras are rolling again. I told you not to wear the hijab. Reporter: Mom's reaction immediately grabs the attention of this couple. Mom, you need to relax. I'm not going to relax! Reporter: This woman can't look away. I understand your worry, like, this is my choice. People judge you because you're wearing the hijab. Wow, that's really great. My mom's telling me not to wear my hijab, because people might judge me. Great, mom. Reporter: When mom leaves, she tells our daughter she has her support. I was actually telling him that I wanted to give you a hug, just to let her know that it's okay. Actually, I appreciate it. When I see people wearing them, it shows, you know, strength that you can walk around, especially in today's society. And, you know, not care or worry about other people. Reporter: You told her it would make you more comfortable if she kept the hijab on. Why? It just shows strength. Nowadays, everyone is trying to hide who they are and what they believe. Reporter: And you blame the mother for being worried? Yeah, at the end of the day, she's just being a mom. But, if you believe and if you have faith, no matter what religion you are, you know your child is going be okay. Reporter: And throughout the day, other customers advise mom to support her daughter's choice. Some girl got pushed -- Yeah, I guess if she's going to like rallies or something, maybe that might happen, but just because she looks like that doesn't mean anything. I don't think she should change who she is. If that's her beliefs, she should go with it. That's all you have in this world. Reporter: And not worry about what other people think. People, if don't like it, they should just mind their own business. We roll one last time and our mom befriends another loving parent. My daughter's got this big surprise for me. I hope it's something really nice. Reporter: How will she react? Okay, mom -- I told you not to wear that. It scares people. No, it doesn't. You're scaring this woman. Honey, no it does not. It's fine, sweetheart. Be who you are. I'm afraid for her. I get what you're saying. Because of the way things are right now, but don't worry, she's a sweet kid, you can see it. Reporter: And then this fellow mom sits down to share some words of wisdom about parenting. I love my children enough to let them go their own way. Do they seek advice from me? Yes, but then I can talk to them and they make the wrong decisions. So I shouldn't tell her to take it off? No, let her be who she is. And she'll love you for it even more, because you're supporting her. Trust me. Reporter: Time to meet this very compassionate mother. Tell us what you were thinking. I was thinking that she was just a woman. A mom who needed some advice. And I wanted to calm her down and tell her not to worry about her daughter, just to love her and show her support in whatever choices she makes. We should all be together, love one another, not have any hostility or hatred and this world would be a much better place if we didn't have it. Coming up -- What is is that? You laughing? Her vocal ticks. I have tourettes. Make her a target. You're a freak. Who will speak up? Okay, that's not funny. And change the focus to stopping the bullies. Hey, there's nothing wrong

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{"id":49885647,"title":"What Would You Do: Mother, daughter argue over wearing hijab in public ","duration":"6:07","description":"A Muslim mother and daughter out to eat are arguing because the daughter is wearing her hijab. What will the other customers say?","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mother-daughter-argue-wearing-hijab-public-49885647","section":"WhatWouldYouDo","mediaType":"default"}