David Letterman details 'spiritual' experience at 'Sunday service' with Kanye West

Letterman opens up about West and Kim Kardashian after taping an episode with them for his show, "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction."
3:40 | 05/31/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for David Letterman details 'spiritual' experience at 'Sunday service' with Kanye West
You look like an artist. Buddy. It's like when I used to work at the gap, bro. Show Kim the outfit. I dressed Dave. Oh, my. Yep. You look really good. I know. I feel really good. We are back with David Letterman and that was a clip from the new season of your Netflix series, "My next guest needs no introduction." Yes. Kanye styled you up. I liked Kanye. I didn't -- I knew him a little bit from our old show and that's about all I knew about him was that experience and his music and then he and his wife and his family were so generous to us and we got to know him and what a great kid. It was -- It was a fascinating interview. You know, we started out by going to something that he referred to as the Sunday service and at that point he had only done it twice and we didn't know what it was and we drive and we drive and end up near the Burbank airport and there is a sound studio there that they had converted into like a theater in the round, a smallish place with lighting designed by a renowned lighting artist and some musicians and a choir and, indeed, it was a Sunday service and it was -- I feel odd invoking the word spiritual but, in fact, it had that effect on me and the thing that I learned from it all and the experience to a person involved in it on the production crew and everybody in the audience, not a big audience found it surprising and moreover moving. It was touching. You don't expect to find anything like that in Burbank, first of all, but that's another story. And I learned from the percussionist who was playing a single drum he did a little monologue about the history of the drum and he said this drum and the use of drums historically represents the beat of the human heart and I had never heard this and I found that kind of as the foundation for everything that came after which was beautiful with this choir and the music and Kanye it was a different experience than I had ever had in my life so that was a great way to start with him. Yeah. It seemed to me in watching the interview is he was very open about talking about his struggles with mental illness. And that was just remarkable. What did you learn about what he is dealing with? Well, I am ignorant on this topic of bipolar or schizophrenia. Luckily I don't have it. I'm not sure that I know anybody who does have it but I recognize from my discussion with Kanye that you suffer and the thing that was fascinating to me was his wife Kim, who I knew a little bit more than Kanye is such a strong advocate, not only for her family and her husband, but also as we know for prisoner rights and people who have been incarcerated unnecessarily lengthy terms and prisoner rights and the combination of the two, the energy and the dynamic was something I really was not expecting.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Letterman opens up about West and Kim Kardashian after taping an episode with them for his show, \"My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"63404846","title":"David Letterman details 'spiritual' experience at 'Sunday service' with Kanye West","url":"/theview/video/david-letterman-details-spiritual-experience-sunday-service-kanye-63404846"}