Holocaust survivors recount experience and finding love

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Mikhl and Millie Baran open up about their story of escaping concentration camps and coming to America.
3:00 | 01/27/20

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Transcript for Holocaust survivors recount experience and finding love
It's international holocaust remembrance day honoring the six million Jews and millions of other victims brutally murdered by Germany's Nazi party. It's vital that we never forget one of the darkest chapters. In the world's history. And the survivors who found their way out of a living hell take a look. My name is really Aaron and I am a holocaust so violent my name is Smith hooked. And I am a holocaust survivor I was born in that found Oceana. I had of wonderful childhood. And feel in 1941. Stable. Will college. And that Germans occupied. Floor and was heard and they knew about you know what it was doing in Germany. What does he it to that your opponent I she's a very big difference and they took my father. Young boyish and they told him to work they told them to do DK BO own graves. They shot them a couple of miles that high in this town grappled for now allowed floors below alive what they've put that fact on top of them. And we've never saw them again. In the same town and a young man named me cool experience similar harmless when the Nazis came for his handling. Play brother. Michael the brother and my father was very to with the air. The Nazis ordered the roundup of millions of Jews and force them in together house sealed off with barbed wire and armed guards and those who could not work in the sick the elderly and the children whose shot was sent to death. Camps they killed life he's starting they get go and beautiful young delayed Gil nineteen years. Might lead beautiful musicianship. And my younger brother apria. In my market remained alive. Issue of staking their superiors. Slave camps. I realized that might struggle. All by myself golden rule I decided it's not a police threw me in the general. At age nineteen Nicol made a daring escape from the get out enjoying the first Ukrainian army to fight against the Nazi. Millie and her mom were forced into seven different slave labor camps before they were sent to shifted cost concentration. Venerable team we shall moments of shoes. Live realized immediately. That lets from the people that they. They burned. In that ovitz. Millie and her mother survived the Nazi concentration camp and to death march and will liberated by Russian forces in 1945. I lost my wife Karen atlas C stone oh might but I elected if but at the amount of what you think he Douglas at right best thing in that world. Around the same time me holes I leaflets and liberated the mine tonic death. Camp in Poland he can never forget the moment of freeing survivors from his hometown of osh Leone. That was from. Hope it's a distraction. The embargo Cuba there. After the war Millie and nickel each made their way to the city of lynched in polled. In a chance encounter they realized they were from the same hometown event that this famous quote for a couple of years. When I am a terror created immediately captured my heart. And that's what's it like his day of my life should the computer who have children. Million nickel fell in love and wasted no time in getting Matt. But it took more than four years before a country would grant them visas. Finally did dreams came true estates sales in two mile car. Through or permits. Do you sort of as college. That's up Larry. That's some marry her. Me cool and really settled in to New York City with no money and jobs or knowledge of the English language. But they had each and we almost seven viewed by news. We will have two beautiful children. Three beautiful. And stuff. And here to greet your children. And their legacy does not end there. Nichols spent his career teaching and New York schools and summer camps. At the young age of 95 he just retired from New York's can't Kenderick squeaky toy Jewish culture and the lessons of the Holocaust. People should wounds from included future. He should not ever ever ever happened to the new people concert that's what happened to become people at that time for more than. Five decades nickel and Middle East powerful stories have left an imprint on thousands of lives including mine down. Reminding us all to stand together and speak out against hatred bigotry and intolerance. Of any kind and I'm very happy. I have thousands and thousand for children who wait collection. Who will be nice and Kearns couldn't show. July before you and you do your question I want to say one thing. You may here if people say this didn't happen. This happens. This happened Al grandfathers. How great grandfathers fought in world war two and fought for this democracy. If anyone tells you this did not happen in the world you telling you know better. Because people keep saying this didn't happen any did. Let's get that straight let's start it. Today with that I'm doing a. Nellie. My wish is to Aaron in the video that. You have to wait over four years before you cooks come into this country after years. Forney four and a half years. And police questioned scam. Yes. And you know. But it's some people in this up experiencing that right now in our country these children are at the border. And they. That they're not letting people in and it's just tragic to me continue I'm sure would you like to speak to that you know. Naturally. And I so it and television I couldn't believe it and my Hough was eighteen. As a mother seeing it chilled ambush separated from their parents. I realized. Ford doesn't want that come time America. Their best to Lindh in that world. Still lucky one who can come here. LA and the public to Nickie of Friedel. To us it was as the dream to get here. Next week was where did to wait. Because then we came here I grabbed it he keys that affect. The elite game Brownsville. Mina broke in. Put paying yes. I love that place my best man Modi sap from there. They felt so free civil walking bass duties. All kind of people old races. They felt they felt at home. At night giving good day we will send you put right over being free. So that was for us. And the Oracle and miracle what happened. And then we still what happened they get people who warned that the company it to America. Will naturally. It's and they ended off all full lords. That cannot just come they want to come me. But I am sure that cap. The United States will find their way he. How to accommodate people who want free don't pull one can't read he would like that we need to protect at. Yes let's hope for the best asked. Let's hope that this is for change yes. Tonight he grew up in just when he censured. The twentieth century world of the war censure. Ever ever putting Jewish people. Level we're ready for Barden 2000 years where India sykora. Of the semitism we felt spread as feed children. Ellen I could lead to go to the high school to a polish press. I could not go to an elementary school in and folded which was. Already so ugly little older to religious school. Wish told us the basic things what the Bible wants its old LaBeouf. Social and it killed instruments still there should be a bench a human being. We with a prickly attitude toward everyone and Eric. Because the Bible pictures of all the time but if this trend Gil did someone you. Behave yourself like you leave his brother. Now. We lifted through. Immense Dennis. Or tortured. Mental physical. And every team coach but did worst thing that's ever happened. Doing the times after the Holocaust. Islam semitism emboldened it. Well grown sure there. And old so we can another forget those who did not hide. There's existence of public so yeah those denies it. People actually hold all the Allred is as states look Iran. I'm bank should be debris repair themselves won't and other public on denial. Is also murder we can thank you. And as a teacher my father who was a teacher his whole life. Believes greatly in education. As much as possible for it.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Mikhl and Millie Baran open up about their story of escaping concentration camps and coming to America.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"68568689","title":"Holocaust survivors recount experience and finding love","url":"/theview/video/holocaust-survivors-recount-experience-finding-love-68568689"}