Infectious disease expert says coronavirus devastation could be a ‘slow burn’

Dr. Michael Osterholm weighs in on how large gatherings can set the public back in their fight against the outbreak and why six feet of social distance might not be enough.
6:39 | 05/28/20

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Transcript for Infectious disease expert says coronavirus devastation could be a ‘slow burn’
Back in 2005. You like many. You know folks like yourself scientist he wore will looking. Set a world pandemic like this one. Was going to cop and that time was running out and that we needed to prepare for it. So now that we didn't prepare and the grim milestone of a 100000 deaths in the US. Has happened. Is there any end in sight or are we going to be living with corona virus for a long time. We'll personal thing here again for having knee. The estate board isn't respecting word no further and that's when I. And that's important. He but might they are the error or her spot. Obama or senator you're a solution that they then there were squatters some errands like New York City or higher across portable fire. This wires will not slow doubts friends. And Allen is what's your ears are members of the population. And develop some immunity or we get it noted is. Yours are. So we have to understand what all the means all the sock wearing down you know anything additional new date moved Jones beginning with this year understand. This is going to be many more months what we. Now well doctor all fifty states have reopened at least partially at this point. And now the number of new cases are on the rise in approximately seventeen states. Which is concerning but yesterday doctor found she. Sounded pretty optimistic and said that a second wave in the fall is not necessarily an inevitability. Do you agree with fat. Arsenault crowded documents are released you're looking at her dinner and fired two. She the year Lowell about her. All this girl where this lot of blue wirelessly to the Stearns. And Denmark you're slow. I'm so innocence we're not sure how yeah I sure as well Mubarak today. And those stunned that our war our leader scenarios. It was the rotavirus. And with no experience made you just the constant you can battle. While there are what was right now to you won't see are seen and South America right now. Some areas United States. Or needing just what I would call basically a slow burn or just doesn't go away but it should stay. Third out won't concerns very much that one where based on his word you were. Who endemic easier were written all must to a three months. Are geographically. It's this first that not every anyone here. Wants to be a minor more seat when another. Then he goes away literally moved or we don't know why we don't know you're. And we go to a rim also ordered everyone thinks our own war. And it back and intrusions and that's. What happened and he needs. And so we are right now he ordered there or you don't know what's gonna happen I don't worry its own saw increased. That would action or won't maniac when we or our order or east where it gets dark. But I sure don't want to see it looked like the flu virus experience it would be devastating. Public summer or fall. Doctor we saw the crowds gathering at packed beaches and pools this Memorial Day weekend. Now massed on social distancing. People from the now infamous pool party at the lake of the Ozarks have been asked to voluntarily self quarantine for fourteen days. But still how far back it does this type of behavior sad asked I now. I've been very concerned about. The behavior of so many people who don't seem to realize just how deadly this disease can be. And yeah may be related then spent. We have to understand that in fact. Armed nothing was done what this wires since. Look back you'll see that eighty aren't you know this is do you are you. Only fire caused. Last month the number of days it wasn't number 00. Those dramatic. So you're right this is a huge issue that Sharon we are losing their vehicle in mark our more only got a response. For a lot. Although we sure are what does what people iris Edwards or. They're very little over its outdoor activity or anywhere near in his mercy or. So does outreach near lot of outreach mons we in this room will know. So we're all want your own unique multi society where its end to end were worried two votes in large crowds to moderate now. I would also word or solve our problems in the case started rock because it would order or that I just made it would be what the flu virus. And does so were murdered her worries and we've got it figured out. And we artists are that it did Sugar Bowl where it is now. Yeah that's very important then today news came out that six feet may not even be enough to stop. Dead enough distance to stop the transmission about a virus what are your thoughts on that it. I actually agree our senator Allen. Then promoting this issue of protecting yourself as the key measure that we all accept. There are just some degree private business and that is what we can prepare ourself. As far as terrorism very measured and order trends were all her. Every terrorist leader and they mortal and hundreds of thousands little. Arianna are not Dolan well. If you want to ordinary assaults like about the west insult someone underneath all annual bonus of being 10 my and dusty house. Those rehearsals were all normal order arms ordered four idols and waited well for. Aerosol. Every time boost wheat that is pure and Michael Scherer near our needs beaten where will certainly air assaults here so it is more listeners. However the closer you are someone that border waiting yeah the risk dropped its. Outdoors it is much work it is indoors where there rotavirus moon and it's only change would hurt our doors when. The movement in the area so this is what or where or why the network right now as well as well as you'd be.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"Dr. Michael Osterholm weighs in on how large gatherings can set the public back in their fight against the outbreak and why six feet of social distance might not be enough.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"70933326","title":"Infectious disease expert says coronavirus devastation could be a ‘slow burn’","url":"/theview/video/infectious-disease-expert-coronavirus-devastation-slow-burn-70933326"}