Julian Assange arrested in Ecuadorian Embassy

"The View" co-hosts weigh in on charges made against the WikiLeaks founder's alleged computer hacking conspiracy with Chelsea Manning.
5:25 | 04/11/19

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Transcript for Julian Assange arrested in Ecuadorian Embassy
Then they spend time with you. Thank you. After being in the Ecuador embassy for seven years Julian assange has been arrested. He's facing charges in the U.S. Wikileaks tweeted he's won dozens of journalism awards, nominated for a Nobel prize every year since 2010 and this is a campaign by the CIA to delegitimize and dehuman Niez him. What do you think it is? Why is this happening? Did he break the law? Remember what he did originally? Tell. He hacked into the Democrats computers and helped trump get elected basically by exposing podesto's emails and then Comey went after Hillary. That's why trump won. He's been doing it since 2010. That's when trump in an interview in 2010 said he hated this guy and thought he deserved the death penalty. In 2016 when it was hacking the DNC he said he loved Wikileaks and promoted the information. If it works for him he likes it. Even after praising him, it was the 2017 administration that prosecuted assange. Obama and holder could have done it the year before and they punted it. That's where I get confused. You hear trump praising the guy and then they prosecute. The politics of this has been completely hypocritical on both sides. Eric Holder didn't prosecute assange saying Wikileaks was a journalistic organization. Chelsea manning was granted cle men si. She released classified and national security documents. She was given clem si. A lot of people have been warning about this and the only time the Democrats started to care is when it affected them and when Hillary Clinton's emails were released. What's going to happen to him? I hope he rots in hell. Can I weigh in? Yeah. I think if you have a problem with Julian assange and what he released in terms of national security, then you need to have a problem with the Pentagon papers, the Panama papers, you need to have a problem with the Iraq and Afghanistan war logs being released. Those items being released protected our democracy. The reason the Obama administration and Eric Holder decided -- not to punt, but decided the constitution protected Julian assange is because our constitution does protect Julian assange. I have to push back hard. You can after I'm finished speaking. The constitution protects freedom of the press. It's our first amendment to the constitution. I believe it's our most important. It's very clear that the constitution protects information, investigative journalism even if that information is gotten illegally, even if the information is matter of national security. What you said was straight propaganda. If the law is propaganda, I'm sorry. They're not first amendment. He was a cyber terrorist. He released 750,000 classified or sensitive information that put our military at risk. It put our spies at risk. It put our diplomats at risk. The Democrats only cared once it implicated Hillary Clinton. I'm consistent on this issue. As am I. There's a difference sunny in being a whistle blower and being a straight up hacker. What we found out with assange is he conspired with Russia to meddle in our 2016 elections. So it was him. Yeah. If that's not him committing a crime, I don't know what is. If that's under the freedom of speech -- Under the law the Obama administration -- this happened in 2010 is what you're talking about. My dad was ambassador to it was so awful for the embassy. Spies' names were released. In 2010 the Obama administration looked at this -- not in 2010. It happened in 2010. The Obama administration looked at it, the department of justice looked at it and determined that the constitution protected this. It's cyber terrorism. A group of lawyer. Whatever it is, we got to go. Whatever it turns out that it is, we got to go. We'll be back. ������ When I found out I had Age-related Macular Degeneration, amd, I wanted to fight back. My doctor and I came up with a plan. It includes preservision. Only preservision areds 2

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts weigh in on charges made against the WikiLeaks founder's alleged computer hacking conspiracy with Chelsea Manning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62335473","title":"Julian Assange arrested in Ecuadorian Embassy","url":"/theview/video/julian-assange-arrested-ecuadorian-embassy-62335473"}