Instagram-famous background is a toxic waste dump

The stunning water that looks like a paradise hot spot in Instagram photos is actually a toxic waste dump in Siberia that belongs to a power plant.
2:40 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for Instagram-famous background is a toxic waste dump
How rapid their act now with carb. The delay in the day so who among us hasn't taken a self be informed that picture perfect backdrop. Jurors yeah. Why does the money there on the line. Setting with a breathtaking turquoise sweater that's getting a lot of attention but TJ is here to tell us that there's actually more to those photos than meets the again. Got the vacation spot. Yeah let's all take a song with the event yeah vacations but it's secluded it's quiet past pristine crystal clear blue water. Heads up don't. Don't go swimming in the water is that not dot shark could water anything like that but less if you do go swimming you might come out just. It Jeep shall we say. Look at does stunning surroundings featured in all these social media photos where cooked is paradise beach maybe Fiji. No say Shell's coal with Hawaii. I got it it's Obama's. Actually know the turquoise blue water in the scenic snaps is actually in Siberia. At out toxic waste dump their belongs to this place a power plant. Stone ago. And it's the waste produced by that very plan that actually creates the striking sapphire Hughes. Deposits of calcium salts and metal oxide to dissolved. Resulting in net gorgeous blue. But in recent months it's also become an irresistible backdrop for people seeking picture perfect posts. There's even an entire mr. Graham account devoted to photos taken at this man made lake. Whether it's a bride and groom posing for their wedding photos or you know he's showing off various poses or people just looking for a gorgeous background but toxic leak has become a star destination. For those looking for lax. The site has become so popular that that power plant's operator Siberian generating company sent out a warning that says. We strong the request that in the pursuit of Selby is you don't fall in the ash dump. The company claims the water is not poisonous but that it could cause allergic skin reactions but these warnings and seemed to have done nothing. To fend off the flocks. Oh yeah. Let me Siberia sue us one of the worst you can get is edgy yeah locations. I'm right quiet I. The Bahamas Siberia yeah. Before you can post your next incident days not poisonous what you could have an alert graduate lonely yeah. I want to help. The southeast. I.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The stunning water that looks like a paradise hot spot in Instagram photos is actually a toxic waste dump in Siberia that belongs to a power plant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64288292","title":"Instagram-famous background is a toxic waste dump","url":"/GMA/Travel/video/instagram-famous-background-toxic-waste-dump-64288292"}