Kelly Clarkson explains recent weight loss

The singer says she made a lifestyle change to address an autoimmune disease and a thyroid issue.
2:20 | 06/08/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Clarkson explains recent weight loss
Now we're going to go to Kelly Clarkson she built it up about her recent dramatic weight loss. This biggest superstar city's health issue led to some big changes that are much doubt in her die. ABC aerial recipes here with the story. Good morning to you aerial good morning to you Michael Kelly Clarkson has bid opening up about her weight in the past even taking on body shavers after the birth of her daughter. Now she's revealing how she slimmed down. With a new focus on her health. Kelly Clark city is the America. The woman known for her. Powerhouse voice. And chart topping wake up and and this morning she's revealing the secret behind her incredible shrinking waistline I'm not working out I think people think I'm working out and I'm like don't think I'm gonna come like placements for the Grammy winner saying an autoimmune disorder is part of the reason behind her reported forty pound weight loss quite literally read this but and any and I did it for that sodomy and disease that I I had and I had them at higher edition I'm on my levels back up I'm not a medicine anymore. Auto immune or thyroid can affect the body and so many ways from the weight loss to weak dean to mood even check the ability to move around. The 36 year old says managing that conditions led her to her new diet plan she say she's now choosing foods with no GMOs and pesticides. And eating organic when possible. And though Kelly's lifestyle change has brought her positive results to diet expert might have Feller says what worked for her may not work for every one that. Outcome varies based on that person kind of there lifestyle where they are with other health conditions there's so many factors that we have to take into consideration. And while there has been buzz for months about Clarkson is dramatic weight loss until now she simply credited her amazing stylists and sphinx rehearsed lines or look. But now Michael of course we know she's just been having an extra focus on the diet lifestyle made a big difference for her figure drew would relying very got big so much area.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"The singer says she made a lifestyle change to address an autoimmune disease and a thyroid issue.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55743667","title":"Kelly Clarkson explains recent weight loss","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/kelly-clarkson-explains-recent-weight-loss-55743667"}