Authorities thwart potentially deadly high school attack

Nichole Cevario, 18, had allegedly been planning for months to carry out the attack, according to Maryland police.
1:55 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for Authorities thwart potentially deadly high school attack
David, we'll turn now to a foiled plot at a Maryland high school. An 18-year-old student facing charges for planning a potentially deadly attack after her father uncovered the plot in her diary. Our senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the details for us. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: Good morning, robin. Today this high school in this small town is relieved and the parents of the suspect are being hailed as heroes. The plot, police say, a potential school massacre involving these weapons. A shotgun, explosives, pipes for a pipe bomb planned by an 18-year-old honor student Nichole cevario who apparently detailed it in a chilling diary. It was clear she planned to die during this event. It is very clear to us she had the means, the materials to cause significant damage to herself, to the opportunity body, to the facility up there at catoctin high school. Reporter: They say cevario's diary was planned for a few days from now but the parents discover I had the diary and her father contacted authorities. You're a parent. Can you put yourself in their shoes of having to make a decision like that? They most likely saved their daughter's life and other lives. Reporter: Cevario mentioned columbine in her diary. Part of a disturbing trend. An ABC news investigation found within the last 17 years there have been at least 79 thwarted school massacre plots and in more than half of them the would-be attackers mention columbine. Being involved in these plots is rare. Of the 160 active shooters we looked at only six involved females. In this case the young suspect is undergoing an emergency mental health evaluation. Robin. That is to be expected. Thank you very much. Thank goodness for that father stepping in like that.

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{"duration":"1:55","description":"Nichole Cevario, 18, had allegedly been planning for months to carry out the attack, according to Maryland police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46415091","title":"Authorities thwart potentially deadly high school attack","url":"/GMA/video/authorities-thwart-potentially-deadly-high-school-attack-46415091"}