5 Must Haves for Every College Dorm

HGTV's design expert David Bromstad shows you how to create a functional and stylish space.
3:58 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for 5 Must Haves for Every College Dorm
it's back to school time just around the corner, and if you're heading off to college or boarding school, we don't want the room to look totally 2013. So here to nav daigate the world of shower caddies, I remember them well, HGTV's David. Thank you. And you are heading to college, these are great. Especially the one, really simple for every dorm room is tiny. And you have a rolling piece that packs a mean punch. It's perfect. You can roll it all over the place. Have family or friends, or dirt on it, these roll away. And you can pack tons of stuff. School work or clothes for storage. Exactly. Look for a rolling storage piece. Really simple great idea. Use every space available, including the door. A lot of people use them for shoes. For guys don't have a lot of shoes, you can put peanuts, you could put like cans of soup in there, potato chips. Whatever. School supplies so you'll be studying all the time. Exactly. Studying all the time. Got to use every inch. Good for beers. I don't know what you are talking about, David. Underneath the bed, this is from bed, bath and beyond. Why you like to use them? Obviously you can put clothes in it. When kids are going to school, there's different types of weather. Winter clothes, big jackets, or things you don't want other people to see. Underneath the bed. Again, it's on wheels. Yeah. That's the difference from back when we were in school. So look for things, wheels, major storage things, use every bit of space. And get to late nights, we are bound to have. What do you recommend? A keurig. Got to have it. Make your coffee. It's great. One cup, not making a mess. It's perfect. Yeah, and they have these little ones that are inexpensive, and again, it's all about the space. And you're a big fan of this lamp? It's multi-functional. Pens. Paper clips. Anything you need. What about the night stand? Everybody gets one, they are not pretty. How do you like to access rise? You need music. The moment I woke up in college I needed something loud to energize me. Put on your music, do a little dance. At least in your bed trying to dance. All right, here we go. This is a -- this is the iPad -- iPad player with the alarm clock. You need an alarm to get yourself to class. And charges your phone as well. And you have music hanging around with your roommate. And sick of your roommate, put these on and ignore them. A good pair of headphone on your wish list as you go shopping. I'm with you. And finally, one of the places you like to study is in bed, not easy to stay awake especially when you are doing all that studying. What do you recommend? This keeps you upright. Hanging out, you can do your homework here. Be on your iPad or iPhone. But the great thing is, you can put it this way as well. When you have company coming over it was like a couch. Day bed. Exactly. Come over here. I sure will. I love the choices. Back in the day, these were around when I was in college. But everything's pretty and more designer-esque. Hopefully helped you from the list. We thank you, David, and Kohls who gave us the items, and bed, bath and beyond, the rolling storage cart. And flipping the block on HGTV

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"HGTV's design expert David Bromstad shows you how to create a functional and stylish space.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24738816","title":"5 Must Haves for Every College Dorm","url":"/GMA/video/college-dorm-haves-24738816"}