Jeff Bezos: 'Galapagos, Five Stars. Kidney Stones, Zero Stars'

Amazon founder faces medical emergency during Galapagos cruise.
3:00 | 01/05/14

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Transcript for Jeff Bezos: 'Galapagos, Five Stars. Kidney Stones, Zero Stars'
We'll turn to a rough start for the business world, jeff bezos, founder and ceo of amazon had to helicopter to for a medical illness. Reporter: Good morning, bianna. The kidney attack while bezos was vacationing. Ekcuadorian officials say they evacuated bezos after suffering a kidney attack. Bezos was on a cruise ship off of a santa cruz island. To fly him back to the u.S. The cruise operator radioed for help and an ecuadorian ship was scrambled to lift him to safety. They went to great lengths to make sure he was okay. He really is a titan of industry. Reporter: An amazon spokesman said that bezos is doing well. He told cbs' "60 minutes" that amazon is experiencing with drones. They take off and they fly to those gps coordinates. Reporter: Bezo issued a tongue in cheek statement. Galapagos, five stars. Kidney stones, they're usually not life threatening. Dan and bianna. But we know they are extremely painful. For more on the cause and treatment, dr. Richard besser. Passing a kidney stone can be excruciating. What is bezos likely going through now. Kidney stones, when you have solid material forming in your kidney, some of the small ones you can pass on your own. This whole conversation makes me want to a fetal position, what can men do to avoid this? If it runs in your family, there are particular type of stones, they may want to put you on a diet. Kidney stones are pretty common. About a million visits to doctors every year. It's a common problem. If it runs in your family you want to pay attention to it. Anything that you can do to prevent it? They form when you're urine gets really concentrated. Make sure you're drinking additional amount of waters. If you have ay stone, the doctor will want to analyze that stone and know exactly what it is. I can't talk right now, because -- water is definitely important. Men compare to child bitter, doctors will confirm that will. You know, they'll give you iv fluids to help you pass this stone. The pain when you're urinating. You may see blood. The pain in your low back or center of your back, vomiting, those are the signs of a kidney stone. If you have it, you're not going to ignore it, because it's debilitating. I don't know the pain of child birth. It's painful. There's no other reason to drink a lot of water is kidney stones. Dr. Besser, thank you. Lot of other news overnight. A bit of a tough segue, ron

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Amazon founder faces medical emergency during Galapagos cruise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21425670","title":"Jeff Bezos: 'Galapagos, Five Stars. Kidney Stones, Zero Stars'","url":"/GMA/video/jeff-bezos-galapagos-stars-kidney-stones-stars-21425670"}