Clive Davis' Greatest Hits

"Nightline's" Cynthia McFadden spins vintage vinyl records with the man behind the music.
3:31 | 02/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clive Davis' Greatest Hits
You would never have anything to attack. Lot. It just the bottom that we had a lot of fun to listen to some -- you much of which is music that you record. This is that blast from the past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Donovan was the first autism and really -- -- I didn't discover. In England he was being portrayed as the -- was still. When I've listened to music. Is poised Tuesday in the treatment much different form -- or refuse exploded here. And he have a woman here. -- -- Still well yeah. -- To this day in his -- party. Nobody -- found -- -- throw a few other big or human growth in global at a time in the plane would fly. And she had built -- -- -- -- Armenians have. Since the tragedy I -- listen to your and you realize how the music calls up. Talk to me about Bob Dylan. Even the coldest -- with war credible cultural musical influence. Until -- -- you know. Does cook could be I was single when he was -- can you get the phrase lay lady lay on the -- -- Is that I think you can yeah. And it's. An eight -- -- -- -- That was a big star the pwn to own them total and a kid and New Jersey and Kidd from New Jersey forty years later Davis is advice to the future -- seems unimaginable. Give them no more energy. -- war room for more on these days. Trivial but there's two point I don't know said -- -- 1974. I mean hoping -- tables show me. I'd -- go backstage. And he's quote. And remove or of -- -- for you tonight. The old. -- -- I it was who went over is working with the -- I'm still working who -- But I was -- the wherever she -- history to whatever we did together that this would be listened to. Centuries. From that offering Ruble was a big big hit for a reason worried that you were you look at it to his failure to power. And it's over. The -- two way to vote -- -- these Koreans. Funeral control bloom from Springsteen and the dead and these moves will be sure would need to -- the -- -- everybody out publicly. Has been very satisfied. And how could -- --

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{"id":18571714,"title":"Clive Davis' Greatest Hits","duration":"3:31","description":"\"Nightline's\" Cynthia McFadden spins vintage vinyl records with the man behind the music.","url":"/Nightline/video/clive-davis-greatest-hits-18571714","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}