'FarmersOnly' Dating Site Connects Singles in the Country

Dating website caters to those looking for a special someone who loves living off the land.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for 'FarmersOnly' Dating Site Connects Singles in the Country
It's now officially Valentine's day. But don't worry if you're still looking for a date. Nie online dating sites are becoming so popular they're practically mainstream. And tonight we're meeting a city girl who thinks one such site just might be the thing to get her out of an urban rut. Farmersonly.com. She's ready to get her hands dirty, she says, with a totally different kind of guy. And ABC's Gloria Rivera got to be a third wheel on her date with a farmer. 26-year-old Ashton Polk is sick of being a single girl in the city. City guys, you can read that right away. Overconfident or too cocky. I'm looking for somebody who's down to Earth and grounded. Reporter: She's ready to take drastic measures to meet Mr. Right. I would find it very fun to sit on a bail of hay and look at the stars and just lose myself in conversation with a guy. You just can't do that in the city. Ashton is about to drive 160 miles to wahoo, Nebraska, in the hopes offaling in love with 29-year-old farmer Joe. Real cute. Duck dynasty cute. He also has this kind of Johnny cash -- Cheers. There's my date. He may be the man of your dreams. Wahoo. I wonder if the farmer boys party hard. My name is Joe. Reporter: The two men on farmersonly.com, the popular match making site for single women looking for a man who favors overalls over pinstripes and pastures over board rooms. Do you think he'll ever find true love? Not hanging out with us all day. We used to be lonely. Until we met on farmer's only. A person can get very specific about what they want. Sites like beautifulpeople.com for self-described good looking daters. Veggie date.org for the vegetarians or the big and the beautiful.com for plus-sized love. Farmersonly.com says they have only 1.5 million singles eagle to get their hands dirty. And they connected us with Aston as she prepares for her big date. I think that you're cute. And he replied you're pretty easy on the eyes as well. I said I have a confession. I'm not a farmer's daughter or a rancher's daughter. I'm a good old city girl. I'm looking forward to meeting him. So it's about 5:45 in the morning. It's a 2 1/2-hour drive ahead of me. I never had to put boots on for a date. Usually they're high heels. So this is different. Aston is driving two hours to their first date. A day of work on the farm. I'm driving 120 miles to go meet a guy that I've never met before and have had only about an hour's worth of conversation on the telephone with. I don't know, call me crazy. Reporter: Meanwhile, Joe is getting his bachelor barn house ready for Aston's arrival. This is my rental. My room is right here. Which is where the magic happens. No, this is where I sleep. . Reporter: Aston is getting a little nervous. I just want to be there. Reporter: I judge people on how hard they can work and if they can put up with me. I'm a pretty go, go, go, go guy. Reporter: And then a knock on the door. Aston? Hey, how's it going? Good. How are you? I'm doing well, thank you. How was the drive? Oh, it was treacherous. But I'm here. It's nice to meet you. It's really good to finally meet you. Do you want to just jump in and get going? All right, cool. Reporter: On the first date, they get right to it. Feeding the cows. Just come at her slow. Reporter: Hauling hay. I think I'm a little -- And breaking the ice, the way you do on the farm. Can I hit some ice, too? Will I be able to break it? Oh, my gosh, okay. College days were pretty fun for me. Yeah? We tore a few houses up. Got evicted a couple of times. Wow. You're a wild child. Used to be. Reporter: When we checked in, this mismatch may just be working. Reporter: How's it going so far? Great. She's actually curious. She's not the typical city girl I'm used to. Reporter: So the girl of your dreams has to be cool with you in the middle of nowhere. Yes. You might have to fight for survival a little bit. For me, this is too close to the city. I feel claustrophobic, too. He's help me up and down. Getting off the tractor, he's held out his hand for me. Little stuff like that are nice. Reporter: So you have to look for things they do in their way that make them a gentleman. And you've seen those? Yeah, a little bit. Tell us about your fashion choice for this date. It's cold out. I have overalls on. Reporter: You're looking sharp. I think she's impressed. Normal city girls oh, my gosh, you're so gross or you're so mean. Finally, Joe takes Aston to town for launch. I'm not picky. Afterwards, we get the scoop. Reporter: Whoufs how was it? It was really good. Is he paying for it? He is. His food arrived before mine did and he waited until mine got there. So you're talking about manners. Reporter: And then Joe pulls a move no city boy could match. He introduces Aston to his babies. Come on, baby. Reporter: A man in his element and a city girl who caught her share of frogs but may have finally found her prince on the farm. Adorable. I love it! Really strong, too. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Gloria Rivera in Meade, Nebraska.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dating website caters to those looking for a special someone who loves living off the land.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"22511888","title":"'FarmersOnly' Dating Site Connects Singles in the Country","url":"/Nightline/video/farmersonly-dating-site-connects-singles-country-22511888"}