Mayte Garcia on ex-husband Prince hiding their son's death

Garcia opens up about her life with the recording artist in her new memoir, "The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince."
7:17 | 04/08/17

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Transcript for Mayte Garcia on ex-husband Prince hiding their son's death
So if you came of age in the '80s like me, you might say prince's music was like the soundtrack to your life. But there's no one for whom that's more true than mate Garcia, belly dancer turned author who traveled the world by prince's side for years. She was his wife, his muse, his best friend. And now she's drawing back the curtain on their private moments together. Here's ABC's Nick watt. ??? Purple rain purple rain ??? Reporter: 1984. The year prince smashed into our collective consciousness with the "Purple rain" movie, album, that motorcycle, the heels, and otherworldly aura. I don't know any other man that can wear eyeliner and wear heels and be a cool dude. It's not going to happen again. Reporter: Partners in life and music together, mayte Garcia and prince made the video for the morning papers here in l.a.'s Griffith park. I'm honored to have known him. And shared what we did together. Reporter: Now nearly a year after prince died of an unintentional overdose, mate reveals her side of their story in her new memoir "The most beautiful: My life with prince." Talk about him being not particularly lucid, perhaps aspirin overdose. There were signs there? There were signs. Reporter: Once she says he was taking to the E.R. After what he convinced her was an aspirin overdose. You never saw him taking drugs? I never saw him taking drugs. Never saw him drunk. Marijuana, never. The aspirin, I believed him. I felt bad for you during parts of this book. I know that people would probably be angry with him. I hope that I turned it around and made you appreciate and respect prince. Reporter: Prince is the kind of guy I can't imagine having in everyday life. Tuesday morning breakfast. What's he like? His mornings were sometimes 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. Disclaimer, no, he's not your average guy. But he loved driving in the car, he loved Tostitos. Reporter: Prince was intensely private, and at that time a devout seventh day adventist. Mayte was pregnant. There was something wrong. She claims prince declined medical intervention. The faith that he had just made me believe that everything was going to be okay. Reporter: It wasn't. Their baby amir died of a rare genetic disorder, fifer syndrome, at 1 week old. The worst thing that ever happened to me and to him, I think. Reporter: A week later, they appeared on "Oprah." Prince insisted -- What is the status of your baby? Our family exists. We're just beginning it. Reporter: Amir is already dead. It's all good. Never mind what you hear. I knew we had an album to promote, and -- the faith that kept me going was that we were going to try again. Reporter: Prince called the shots. He made the decision that neither of you would be there when amir passed? I wouldn't have survived that. You weren't given the choice? I know. I wasn't given the choice. And I was very, very resentful for many years. So the house that you shared, I mean, he had that burned down. Bulldozed down. That's the part of prince that's very controlling. He doesn't look back. He moves forward. Reporter: But soon the loss overwhelmed her. I had a whole bunch of pills in the bathroom. I went into the bedroom because I figured if they were going to find me, at least find me laying down. I had a yorkie, her name was Mia. I had the pills in my hand. And she just came and just started scratching me. She just wouldn't stop scratching me. She saved me. Reporter: She did become pregnant again, but suffered a miscarriage. I think that's what drove us apart. Reporter: Three years later, prince married again. I think he thought because we lost our two children, two babies, that I wasn't the one. Reporter: Prince and mate drifted apart, hadn't spoken in years. In late 2015 she got a call. He wasn't doing well. I felt the need to try to reach out. But once you're out of that circle, it's really hard to get back in the circle. Reporter: Later, mayte got a text from his second wife, Manuela, that read simply "Call me." She's the one that told me he passed away. First thing I thought about was that he was alone. That was beyond heartbreaking to me. Reporter: The genius who gave us five number one singles, the first in '84 "When doves cry." ??? This is what it sounds like when doves cry ??? Reporter: Cream. ??? Cream ??? Reporter: Died of an accidental fentanyl overdose. Prince was a gemini. Geminis have two personalities, two different moods. Reporter: Prince and mate first met when she was a teenaged belly dancer. I'm pretty confident that I had a past life where I was of that descent. Reporter: She was an air force brat in Europe. Her parents dragged her to a prince concert in Spain. They both through the loud music, you need to give him a tape of your belly dancing! Reporter: They got a tape of her dancing to prince and met him later on the tour in Germany. When he got on stage, he owned it. It felt to me like he was performing for me, just for me. Maybe he was. A lot of people were there. He would send me music. You met up occasionally? Yeah, meet up occasionally. 16-year-old hot dancer. Stage mom. Slightly older rock star. Hm, sounds a bit dodgy. Reporter: Mayte now has her own adopted daughter, 6-year-old gea. I probably would be a little hesitant for my daughter. Fy trusted her, I would have to let her do what she wants to do. Reporter: The year after prince and mate met, he released this. ??? The most beautiful girl in the world ??? Are you the most beautiful girl in the world? ??? The most beautiful girl ??? When he wrote that song he had all women in mind. Reporter: Two years after they met in '92, prince hired her to dance on the world tour promoting "Diamonds and pearls." ??? Diamonds and pearls ??? My intention was to be in a music video, or to perform live. It had nothing to do with interest what's. Reporter: That came later. In '96 they married. She was 22, he was 37. I remember being on stage doing a sound check and I heard, MM, MM, MM. And I was like, what? I'm being checked out, okay. And he would just say, it's about that walk. About a week later I heard a song. A jazzy song that -- they were jamming and it's "It's about that walk." Reporter: Mayte in this book gave us a glimpse of a man who rarely let us in. What would he have thought about your book? I think he would have liked it. Why? Because it's coming from a loving place. Nick watt for "Nightline" in

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{"id":46670555,"title":"Mayte Garcia on ex-husband Prince hiding their son's death","duration":"7:17","description":"Garcia opens up about her life with the recording artist in her new memoir, \"The Most Beautiful: My Life with Prince.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/mayte-garcia-husband-prince-hiding-sons-death-46670555","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}