Coachella 2019 kicks off

Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Black Pink and more artists are set to perform.
3:36 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Coachella 2019 kicks off
There's a celebration that begins today music fans are heading to the California valley four Coachella. So wanna go to Jeremy Chan from KSQ in California. You spoke with a lighting crew there I heard I want to know how much to work. Those ends of putting this festival up. Walt Kimberly a lot goes insulating fact some of the people here have been here for over a week trying to set up. The lights Jericho judges let me show you. Or we are right now we're actually had at one of the busier intersections. Of Indio where the festivals happening and right there's the empire polo grounds us for a sliding itself you have the stage right Daniels on another stage over there the person I talked to actually. Does the U must stage. And lighting of course the very important when he comes to outdoor and indoor outdoor. He can kinda get away a little bade a kind of complements the music he also have the big screens for people far away to be able see the performer but when you were inside is just so dark in there. And if the lights don't exactly work then you might kind of screw up the performance so it's important that the lighting up indoors kinda really plays up along with the music in order tick kinda had that flare. For the performances that are known to be here at Coachella as far as the lineups itself it's awesome he got childish Gambino and that's going to be performing tonight Arianna grinding on Sunday as those tame in Pollock on Saturday so lots of big names out there Kimberly. Our eggs I gotta talk about salons because she was supposed to headline and she's not coming so. Do we know who's replacing her. Well fortunately not much is known about who might be replacing missile launch right now as he well knows the launches the a little sister beyonce Knowles who had debt outstanding. Performance at Coachella last year and she also as you know made an appearance with her on that stage. And lots of disappointed fans obviously out they're getting such short notice that's a launch would not be performing its. Really a fact that's a lodge has been really recently sorting to break out on her own and not just being cast in the shadowed Bian say. So of course it is disappointing that she's not able to be here in as of right now no word on exactly. Who's going to be replacing her but again lots of big names that are going to be here of course C. Guy key Cuddy he got caught a few mega star Casey must grace performing today here. Into that there's also dipped low performing EBM so lots going on. That's ready okay just got to ask you know who are you most excited for because it's a good line up it's delegate lineup that's not beyonce but it's a deadline. Is an absolutely good lineup and following the people I'm most excited Ford's black paint this cave pop group that the first Cape Cod pro group to perform. Here at Coachella it is actually kind of history making at this festival because there's a lot of Asian representation nearly got black peak Yeltsin got they'd cheap pop. Program also performed for the very first time a Coachella perfume as well performing on Sunday sell. That is something that's really your probably gonna start seeing cure a Coach Shell a lot of Asian Asian performers coming over. And entertaining people here in the United States and of course black Pete made that appearance on GMA lots. Fans just absolute fanatical with their performances in fact I would actually argue with them out of fans are coming it they could themselves via. Very much a headliner black pink. All right Jeremy some Allianz is not there I'm just gonna have to watch the net flakes homecoming and relive the experience thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Black Pink and more artists are set to perform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62360735","title":"Coachella 2019 kicks off","url":"/US/video/coachella-2019-kicks-off-62360735"}