Passengers Describe Horror of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Fire

Big explosions and crew yelling "mayday, mayday" were heard by passengers when ship went ablaze.
1:49 | 05/28/13

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Transcript for Passengers Describe Horror of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Fire
And now the latest on the fire aboard that cruise ship at sea. 2,200 passengers on board and it harkens back to another cruise ship stranded in the gulf of mexico. What went wrong this time. Abc's matt gutman with the passengers. Reporter: From boat, to bus, to plane, the exodus of more than 2,200 cruise passengers began today. But some, like marlene sluscher, can't shake the fear. We were like 20 feet from the fire, and, you know, I was awake before I even heard the very first noises. Reporter: Watch this new video of confused passengers mustering on deck after a fire gutted the stern sunday. Ashley wallace told me terror set in -- right here -- the moment lifeboats were lowered for a possible abandon ship call. When the boats were lowering, that's when everyone started crying, and the lady passed out. Passengers sardined on deck, and in those orange life jackets. For ashley, the terror of the night lifting into the tedium of the morning. Hours later, the all clear. Leaving harrowing memories for passengers like little sofia bua. I just started crying. I thought we were going to die. Reporter: Bedespite the recent string of mishaps, it's still a safe vacation choice for your family. Since 2003, nearly a quarter of a billion people have sailed on cruise ships, only 59 have died from fires and accidents. That's about one fatality in four million. Still cruiseship passengers are a captive audience. Reporter: Because they are floating cities on the sea, often with thousands aboard. Matt gutman, abc news, freeport, bahamas.

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{"id":19275734,"title":"Passengers Describe Horror of Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Fire","duration":"1:49","description":"Big explosions and crew yelling \"mayday, mayday\" were heard by passengers when ship went ablaze.","url":"/WNT/video/passengers-describe-horror-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-fire-19275734","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}